Facebook might have more dead users than alive by 2100

This…. this is a novel problem.

First reliable evidence for ‘social acceleration’ comes from our shorter collective attention spans

Uuu, shiny.

Native American societies had their own brand of ‘social media’

Do you think they drunkenly made embarrassing pots and regretted it the next day?

Life satisfaction hinges not on what you do — but who you do it with

It’s dangerous to go alone — take some friends.

Mice will pick social rules over might-makes-right, hinting at the birth of human societies and laws

The basis of any civilized society.

Facebook: where relationship builders, town criers, window shoppers, and selfies come to chat

Which one are you?

Dominant wasps hand out breaks when workers are scarce, become horrible bosses when they’re plentiful

Wasps should really form their own labor union.

Monkey Business: Popular Girls Have Less Lice

It pays off to have many friends, especially if you’re a macaque.

How culture migrated and expanded from city to city in the past 2,000 years

Using nothing but birth and death records, sociologists at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity  developed a working framework that details the migration patterns of some of humanity’s most notable intellectuals in North America and Europe in the past 2,000 years. The data allowed the researchers to iden­tify the major cul­tural cen­ters on the two con­ti­nents over two millennia. Rome, Paris, London and New York are some of the world’s prolific cultural centers in history.

General intelligence is rooted in social functions

Recent findings suggest that our general cognitive abilities are heavily influenced by key regions of the brain involved in social functions, further strengthening the hypothesis that social abilities are primary to general intelligence and not the other way around.

This week, connect with astronauts from the ISS

NASA’s really trying to step up their social media game, and this is definitely good news. This week, NASA’s social media followers and their guests will have the unique opportunity to talk to three of the six crew members aboard the International Space Station, as well as the scientists and engineers involved in the project. What will you get the

Social media require ‘Community Relations 2.0’

Imagine an average day in your life; the odds are, it’ll include either logging onto facebook, tweeting, browsing some pics on flickr and videos on youtube, or some of these combined. The blazing speed at which social media is developing is catching many off guard and forcing numerous persons and firms (even corporations) to adapt. However, when it comes to

Dr. Russell Blaylock about “The Rockefellers & Social engineering”

The term “social engineering” is often misunderstood; what it refers to is the act of manipulating people (or masses of people) into doing whatever it is that you want. The term is not quite similar to a people trick or a people fraud, and it’s often about making people divulge information. Russell Blaylock, M.D is a retired neurosurgeon, and according