Shark numbers plummet by 92% in Australian waters

Sharks are declining at an alarming rate.

Some sharks and rays live twice as long as we thought

The implications could be important for fish stock estimates.

Mindblowing fact of the day: sharks are older than trees

That’s seriously badass!

Rotterdam’s new sharks will eat all the trash in the port’s waters

Not really Jaws but they’ll do the trick.

Sharks usually eat meals smaller than one of yours

The voracious reputation of sharks might soon change as marine biologists uncover that most coral reef sharks eat pray smaller than a cheeseburger.

Prehistoric fish had the earliest face recognized thus far

A lot of complex organisms, be them long extinct like dinosaurs or still alive like mammals, present what can only be referred to as a face – a symmetrical arrangement on the head of the animal of eyes, nose and, most importantly, jaw and cheek-bones. Human are particularly adapted to recognizing faces. Thanks to our pattern solving abilities, humans have

What’s the chance of being attacked by a shark – the hard numbers

It’s summer, so beach season is naturally in full swing. A lot of people diving trough coastal areas in the Atlantic and Pacific are worried, however, of being attacked by sharks. So, what are the chances of being attacked by one? In short: really, really slim. Popular Hollywood flicks like Jaws and its sequels, as well as a sort of

Shark anti-virus compound could cure deadly infections in humans

In 1993 Michael Zasloff, of the Georgetown University Medical Center, discovered an incredible compound inside the tissue dogfish sharks (Squalus acanthus), called squalamine, which has the remarkable property of shielding sharks from viral infections by preventing them from multiplying. Almost ten years later, further research shows that the compound might provide effective treatment and even cure terribly infectious diseases in the human