Scientists invent phone app that accurately monitors blood pressure

The research team also manufactured a new type of sensor and incorporated it in a phone case.

Spray-on touchscreen can turn almost anything into a sensor with a flick of the wrist


3D-printed bionic skin can give bots a sense of touch, protect soldiers from explosions

Show me some skin!

Dust-sized sensors might one day monitor brain nerves. No batteries required

Dust-sized sensors might one day sit on the forefront of the medicine of the future.

Everyone might one day wear this electronic temporary tattoo that monitors your vital signs

For the past couple of years, John Rogers, a materials science professor at the University of Illinois, has been working on his pet-project: the Biostamp. True to its name, the device is basically a tiny electronic stamp, no larger than a quarter, that sticks to the skin and can be worn seamlessly. The whole time, the Biostamp collects on a variety of vital signs, depending on the embedded sensor, and is powered wirelessly via your mobile phone. It can analyze chemicals in your sweat; blood pressure; UV radiation and much more. Basically, it’s transforming the way patients are monitored. In fact, it’s changing the way people, sick or not, monitor their health. Imagine wearing a Biostamp all the time and receiving a notification on your mobile phone to visit your doctor ASAP because your blood pressure has been too high in the last couple of days.

Developing smart cities: In the Spanish city of Santander, the walls will have ears

Urban noise can be quite a nuisance, but it can also provide a lot of valuable information about the city’s needs. A first of its kind project in the city of Santander will check if this data can actually be used to improve the lives of citizens and develop a better, smarter city. “The EAR-IT project is an EU FP7 co-funded project

New wireless network will revolutionize soil testing

A researchers from the University of Southampton has developed a a wireless network of sensors that is set to revolutionize soil-based salinity measuring. Testing the salinity levels in soils is a big deal – any salty water infiltrations can have massive effects on agriculture and sometimes, even on soil stability. At the moment, you can analyze soil salinity either indirectly,

A cheap e-ink-printed multitouch sensor you can cut into any shape with only scissors

A joint team from Saarland University in Germany and the MIT Media Lab has developed a printable multitouch sensor film that you can cut to any desired shape. Proposing cutting as a novel paradigm for ad-hoc customization of printed electronic components is truly ground breaking. The electronic ink-wires are printed through using conductive ink on flexible, thin film. Researchers have

Next level user-interface tech: recording and rendering human touch

Since touch screen interfaces have been introduced on mass scale the way people interact with technology has been arguably revolutionized. Still, there is much more to be explored in how the sense of touch can be manipulated to enrich user interaction with tech. Recording and relaying back information pertaining to the sense of sound (audio files) or sight (photo, video