Giant African Titanosaur had a heart-shaped tail

The perfect Valentine’s dinosaur — a massive Titanosaur!

‘Amazing dragon’ fossils in China rewrite the evolution of world’s most massive dinosaurs

A new long-necked dinosaur discovered in China is forcing scientists to rethink sauropod evolution.

Rare dinosaur footprint fossils give clues into a forgotten era

These tracks lead to a different world.

Long-necked sauropod made world’s longest dinosaur trackway

The 150-million-year-old dinosaur tracks are excellently preserved.

How some dinosaurs got enormously long necks

The longest creatures to ever walk the Earth were the long-necked, long-tailed dinosaurs known as the sauropods. But why did these huge vegetarians grow such huge necks, reaching up to 15 meters? That’s six times longer than that of the current world-record holder, the giraffe.   “They were really stupidly, absurdly oversized,” said researcher Michael Taylor, a vertebrate paleontologist at

Large dinosaurs used to migrate across vast distances

The art of science is most evident when one manages to accurately assert truths about a given fact with little information provided. A great scientists knows how to properly churn information, turn it over a million sides and correlate it with other related facts to form a clear picture. It’s incredible for instance how astronomers are able to image a

Ancient wasps used to grow inside rotting dinosaur eggs

A recent discovery made by Argentinian paleontologist uncovered wasp cocoons hidden inside the 70 million year old fossilized egg of a titanosaur sauropod, suggesting that these ancient wasps used to dwell, consume and breed inside of them. The find was made after researchers carefully analyzed one of the five titanosaur eggs uncovered back in 1989 in the Patagonia region of

Dinosaurs were as warm blooded as today’s mammals

Were dinosaurs slow and lazy, as you see most reptiles today, or active and quick like you see them in the movies? It pretty much depends on their body temperature – if they are cold blooded or not. The kingdom of T-Rex It seemed to be a no-brainer that dinosaurs are cold blooded, relying on a very warm environment to