Vengeful gods may be the product of complex societies

All powerful religious figures are useful in keeping large populations in check.

There are now as many Americans who claim no religion as evangelicals or Catholics

But that doesn’t mean these people do not have supernatural beliefs.

Divine punishment didn’t goad us into building civilization — it was the other way around

And then the gods said, “don’t be a douchebag and we’re chill”.

Religious material promoting humanity as stewards make Christians care more about the environment

Do as the good book says!

War makes people more religious, sparking a potentially vicious cycle

War and religion — name a more iconic duo.

“Conservative syndrome” might explain why religious people tend to be of lower intelligence

A new study puts the link between the two in a much broader context.

Pakistan airline sacrificed a goat in its airport to get rid of bad luck

What year is it?

Religious people are worse at math, biology, and physics than non-religious people

Both men and women who believe in God tend to be worse at math, study suggets.

Religious people say they don’t watch pornography… but the data says otherwise

Pornography is still a taboo in most communities, especially in religious ones. Almost without exception, religious people will deem it as deviant and sinful behaviour, and even viewing it is simply unacceptable. But data shows that they’re almost certainly lying. A study published June 2 in Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity: The Journal of Treatment & Prevention wanted to see how religious

Study: Pakistan’s public school textbooks portray non-Muslim citizens as “religiously inferior, scheming and intolerant”

Religion should be promoting peace, not this…

Religion and science: is there really a divide ?

Religious people were found to be more empathic, meaning they identified more with the feelings and struggles of other people. As such, the perceived divide between science and religion may be rooted in brain wiring.

Religious attendance in the US follows the same trend as everywhere else — downwards

Religiousness in the Unites States is on the decline, mirroring patterns seen across the western world a new study from UCL and Duke University finds.

What may be the oldest Koran fragments were discovered in Birmingham, UK

A Koran manuscript etched on sheep or goat skin may be the oldest discover so far, according to a radiocarbon dating. The fragments, preserved in pristine condition and written in a surprisingly clear Hijazi script, were found in the University of Birmingham’s library. The dating shows the Koran copy is at least 1,370 years old, and was edited between 568 and 645 by a person who likely knew the prophet Muhammed himself. Though it’s not clear if it’s the oldest Koran fragment, it’s definitely out there among the earliest Islamic texts – a reason to rejoice for the large Islamic community in Birmingham.

In God we Trust: but other people don’t, really. Let’s look at religions

What drives us to create these intricate systems of tales, beliefs and myths, who starts them and why do they propagate? Is it just the need to explain the unexplainable? Is there a deeper need for order nestled in our brain that makes us pin rain and drought, life and death on some higher, but purposeful, being?

I don’t know. But what i can show you is what we know about how religion appeared, spread, and thought us up till today.

Pope Francis to release Climate Change Encyclical urging action against climate change

Pope Francis, well on his way on becoming the most popular and moderate pope in recent history, is preparing to publish an encyclical on ecology and climate change, urging the world to stop turning their backs on nature. The document is expected to be released in time to be read before the next round of U.N. climate treaty talks in Paris at the end of the year. Of course, Pope Francis’ rather frequent commentaries concerning climate change, toppled by his much anticipated encyclical, has angered climate change skeptics. Critics have been quick to voice that the pope is using religion to front a radical environmental agenda.

If a gay Mormon man marries a woman, divorce is likely, study finds

While this study may seem hilariously obvious at first, it was actually necessary. When Mormon religion meets homosexuality, the results are often so mind blowing and saddening that you just need studies like this to explain how things really are. In a society which believes that homosexuality is something treatable just like alcoholism, you need a study to tell people that if a gay man marries a woman, divorce is very likely.

Private foundation awards after-life research grant worth $5 million

Consciousness is considered the prime driver for superior intelligence, and was initially considered the definite barrier which separates man from beast, although other animals, like fellow primates, have been found to exhibit sings of consciousness in the past years. There’s one big question, however, that follows the epiphany of “I am”, and that is “what happens when I no longer am?”.

Religion about to go extinct in nine countries

Religion is nowadays an extremely touchy subject; if you ask religious people about non religious people there’s a good chance you will get a pretty nasty response, something involving a kind of hell and divine punishment, while if you ask the other group, probably some bad words will probably come up. If you ask me, everybody has the right to

Vatican: Confessing Your Sins to an iPhone Doesn’t Count

I’ve seen and heard of a lot of crazy apps for the iPhone in my day, some can be classified more like stupid than innovative, but it seems one of AppStore’s recent best sellers, called “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” might take the cake. The official application description reads “Designed to be used in the confessional, this app is the

What are Einstein’s true beliefs about religion and science?

  I really hope everybody knows who Einstein is, and many people know why he is famous and how he left is mark in the scientific world. Still, aside from his brilliant results in physics (mostly), he is also very well known for his aphorisms, metaphors and overall interesting way of expressing himself. I’ve always found it hard to understand