Scientists heal wounds without scarring

Researchers found a way to heal wounds without scarring via insertion of hair follicles into the wound.

Scientist decode the largest genome so far – and it belongs to the axolotl

So far, scientists couldn’t sequence all of it due to its huge length.

After being decapitated, flatworms not only grow back their head but also regain memories

Research on nematodes have always been convenient for scientists. For one, they grow and breed really fast, making them ideal for work pertaining to genetics. Some of them have amazing properties, like  the planaria or “flatworm”, which some scientists believe it possesses the indefinite ability to regenerate its cells and thus practically never grow old. It soon became the object of

Stem Cell therapy could help us grow back fingers

Mammals can naturally regenerate the very top of their fingers and toes after amputation; starting from this idea, researchers have demonstrated the mechanism that describes this process, and explain how stem cells from nails could play a pivotal role in future regeneration of entire fingers. A study conducted on mice showed that the chemical signal that triggers stem cells to