Intelligent alien life hunters pick up 15 high-energy bursts far across the universe

The mysterious high-energy signals are unaccounted for. Alien technology is not excluded.

Passive Wi-Fi uses 10,000 less energy and can power devices

University of Washington researchers want to flip Wi-Fi energy use upside down. They’ve invented a new protocol and technique that uses 10,000 less energy. The same signal can be used to power devices without the need of an external power source. Cameras, temperature or motion sensors can all be power and connected to the internet at the same time using ‘passive Wi-Fi.’

Highly accurate 3-D positioning system could change the face of gaming

The way people play Battlefield or Call of Duty could change forever by bringing the heat of action to your living room. More specifically, by making action video games into real-life action as the gamer’s movements are tracked and reflected in the virtual world. The idea isn’t new, but a new 3-D positioning system developed at MIT looks so promising

How Earth sounds like from outer space

Surrounding our planet are rings of plasma, part of Earth’s magnetosphere, which are pulsing with radio waves. These aren’t audible to the human ear, but radio dishes and antennas always pick them up. Recently, NASA scientists recorded some of the Earth’s pulses and transformed them into acoustic waves – the end result is a short song chanted by our very planet.