Jodrell Bank, Earth’s oldest radio telescope, nominated as UNESCO Site

The site has had an immense role to play in our understanding of the universe.

Defunct dish turned into a radio telescope in Ghana with the help of Google Maps

Not your typical junkyard story.

China launches FAST, the largest radio-telescope in the world

Big country, big telescope.

New algorithm will allow us to finally visualize black holes

We may actually get to see a black hole!

China is building the world’s largest radio telescope – and it’s almost done

China is currently building the world’s largest radio telescope, that will be capable to detect signs of life from billions of light years away. A new drone video has been released by China Central Television Station showed the latest progress of this telescope, and it’s absolutely amazing.

Scientists reproduce conditions from early universe

Physicists have successfully reproduced a pattern resembling the cosmic microwave background radiation in an experiment which used ultracold cesium atoms in a vacuum chamber. This is the first experiment which recreates at least some of the conditions from the Big Bang. “This is the first time an experiment like this has simulated the evolution of structure in the early universe,”

Amazing high energy, relativistic plasma jets coming out of the Hercules A Galaxy

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… at about 2 billion light years away from Earth lies radio-galaxy Hercules A, also known as 3C 348. At a first glance it looks just like another massive galaxy out there – at least when looking in the visible spectrum. In the radio wavelengths however, the story is completely different.

Fantastic timelapse video from the world’s soon to be largest radio telescope array

A while ago I told you a bit about one of the most anticipated international scientific joint effort in recent history – the Square Kilometer Array.  When ready, the SKA will cover one square kilometer of South African or Australian soil, hence the name, with thousands of radio dishes that combine and work as one, making it the world’s largest