SKA dishes

Artist impression of the SKA.

A while ago I told you a bit about one of the most anticipated international scientific joint effort in recent history – the Square Kilometer Array.  When ready, the SKA will cover one square kilometer of South African or Australian soil, hence the name, with thousands of radio dishes that combine and work as one, making it the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope. Recently, a photographer filmed and distributed an amazing time lapse view from the first portion of the soon to be SKA in Australia, comprised  of 36 12-meter antennas.

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The SKA will address fundamental unanswered questions about our Universe including how the first stars and galaxies formed after the Big Bang, how galaxies have evolved since then, the role of magnetism in the cosmos, the nature of gravity, and the search for life beyond Earth.

The array will cost and estimated  €1,500 million and will be completed by 2024.