Shark numbers plummet by 92% in Australian waters

Sharks are declining at an alarming rate.

Researchers hack corn to grow fatter and absorb more carbon dioxide

Feed me corn!

Autonomous killer drone aims to save the Great Barrier Reef

Can we please call these things Star Destroyers? Please?

The Great Barrier Reef had 5 near-death experiences so far, but this one might be its last

The Great Barrier Reef may be facing its worse threat yet.

Australia’s ‘Man with the Golden Arm’ retires after saving 2.4 million babies — urges people to “break his record”

A rare antibody his body produces made his blood priceless to doctors.

Australia’s “Impossible” Renewable Energy Target Exceeded

Australia is set to exceed a target the Federal Government said was impossible to reach by 2020.

Penguins find unattended camera, snap a fabulous selfie

It’s one of the coolest selfies out there — it was made in Antarctica.

Geologists say part of northern Australia was once stuck to North America

We might learn more about a very ancient supercontinent called Nuna.

Biologists just discovered an underwater octopus city — they call it Octlantis

Ever wondered what an octopus city looks like?

Aboriginal people arrived in Australia 65,000 years ago, much earlier than previously thought

The findings rewrite the story of the first Aboriginal people.

Nature’s Leaning Tower of Pisa: these Cook pines always lean towards the equator

Pines in the northern hemisphere face south and southern pines always face north, conversely.

Even ‘dirty’ energy companies don’t want new coal-fired plants in Australia. Not even for free cash

Everyone with sense except Australia’s Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, realizes coal is done for.

New paper traces the history of termites — and it’s surprisingly similar to our own

Rafters, builders, annoying when they come into the house uninvited. We’re very similar.

Assessing the psychological profile of politicians definitely sounds like a good idea

Big corporations screen their executives for personality disorders. Why aren’t we doing the same for politicians?

Australia lobbies coal mine at climate talks

Bad Australia, bad!

This 50,000-year-old settlement found in Australia’s barren interior shows Aboriginal ancestors were skilled survivors

Right in the middle of nowhere, ancient humans ventured to start a new life.

Geoscience Australia confirms — last night’s tremor caused by asteroid impact

Monday night, a meteor put on a big show above Queensland.

The oceans are filled with song, and here’s a part of it

You could call it a flowing melody.

Abandoned gold mine in Australia gets turned into novel renewable energy hub

One of the cleverest things we’ve seen in a long time. One up for the environment.

Australia’s new $5 bill is one of the hardest to counterfeit in the world

A stunning new five dollar bill was released by the Australian government.