Elephant poaching is going down, but we need more action

It’s good news, just not *very* good news.

Scientists use astronomy software to protect endangered creatures from poachers

Drones are hot on the poachers’ hot traces.

This startup plans to end rhino poaching by counterfeiting illegal goods — and it could work

3D printed fake horns could drive the poachers out of a job.

Elephants increasingly become more nocturnal to evade poachers

The intelligent animals have responded to poaching by shifting their foraging patterns.

Pangolin poaching is driving the species extinct, despite international trade ban

Please stop.

Rangers in India found an effective yet questionable way of slamming down poaching — they kill the poachers

Is it really a price worth paying?

Carbon dating confirms poachers are on a killing spree: 90% of ivory seized since 2002 is three years old

Forensic techniques suggest elephant massacres in Africa are as bad as we thought.

Environmental history encased in hippo teeth shows how poaching is altering Africa’s landscape

Poachers are destroying the delicate competitive balance between the two classes of plants in Africa’s savannas.

Poachers responsible for 30% drop in savanna elephant populations in Africa

Africa’s elephants might become endangered soon because of widespread poaching.

How A.I. and game theory is fighting poaching and illegal logging

Park rangers risk their lives on a daily basis to protect wildlife from poachers. They’re also underfunded and understaffed, so allocating resources as efficiently as possible is critical. This is where artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and game theory come in. The A.I. can identify and predict poaching patterns, and adapts in time so that park patrols can transition from “reactive” to “proactive” control. Pilot programs launched in Uganda and Malaysia have so far been successful, and a similar system is currently being developed for illegal logging.

Young gorillas learn to dismantle poachers’ traps

In Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park poachers set thousands of snares to trap wildlife for meat. Inadvertently mountain gorillas — listed as critically endangered — get caught in the traps, and the young often die due to wounds or starvation. These sort of scenes are commonly witnessed by trackers working in the area to dismantle the snares, an uphill battle most of the time. What was startling though was a display of ingeniousness few cared to think was possible. Days after a young mountain gorilla was killed by a trap, trackers saw how a pair of four-year old gorillas worked together in coordination to dismantle a trap from the same area.

Elephants rearrange family structure in response to poaching

Elephant social structure is deeply matriarchal, meaning their groups look to older females for leadership. A new study looks into how, even with poaching picking their matriarchs off one by one, elephant social structures unexpectedly managed to survive.

Journalist Uses GPS Trackers and Fake Elephant Tusks to Reveal Smuggling Route

Every year, over 30,000 elephants are murdered, slaughtered for their tusks. Ivory is an extremely valuable commodity, and many people will stop at nothing to get it and sell it. With this in mind, investigative journalist Bryan Christy set out to see what the smuggling route is, so he commissioned a taxidermist to create two fake ivory tusks, which he embedded with

Dozens of endangered cockatoos trafficked in small plastic bottles

At least 21 cockatoos have been discovered and saved from illegal trafficking; they were recovered at an Indonesian port during an anti-smuggling operation, crammed in 1500 ml bottles. Unfortunately, seven of them didn’t survive.

100,000 elephants killed in Africa between 2010 and 2012, study finds

Most societies in Africa are leading an uphill battle in their attempt to ensure safety, good health and food security. But for African animals, it’s even worse. Poachers alone killed an estimated 100,000 elephants across Africa between 2010 and 2012, raising new concerns about the species’ survival. Poaching in Africa is huge – the term ‘crisis’ has rarely been used

Buddhist Monks step in to protect Snow Leopards

It’s currently estimated that only 4,510 to 7,350 snow leopards remain in the wild – though estimates rely on outdated information and are pretty rough. Given the development of the local environment, the numbers are probably optimistic. Numerous agencies are working to conserve the snow leopard and its threatened mountain ecosystems which range across Asia, in Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, Kazahstan,

Tusk DNA tracking to handle illegal trade

International treaties to protect the elephants are not working – that’s the sad truth. There is no real, practical way of enforcing them, and as a result, whatever few elephants are left are still being tracked down and hunted, mostly for their tusks. Researchers estimate that tens of thousands of African elephants are now being killed by poachers each year,

China is killing Africa’s elephants

The number of elephant poaching in Africa has increased dramatically, as well as the Chinese demand for ivory, and according to most, this is not a coincidence at all. The growing demand for ivory in China, combined with the country’s growing influence on the dark continent work together and are leading to the tragic decline of elephants, which are being

Siberian tigers face dramatic decline, drawing near extinction

The Siberian tiger is the biggest feline to walk the face of the Earth at the time, but if today’s trends continue, that will change in the not so distant future; and not because other species will grow bigger, but because the Siberian tiger can become extinct. There were around 300 tigers living in Eastern Russia just 4 years ago