Pluto’s volcanoes might spew out liquid water, new study finds

Talk about a surprising find!

Pluto’s ocean might be held in place by a thin layer of gas

Comfortably insulated.

Pluto is a planet after all, say planetary scientists

Good news for Pluto fans!

Pluto has frozen ‘sand’ dunes made from methane ice

It’s the last place scientists expected to find something like this.

Pluto might have been formed by a billion comets

Pluto just got weirder.

These NASA researchers think Pluto is planet, but our definitions are ‘bullshit’ — so they want to change them

I’ve never given up on you, Pluto.

NASA’s New Horizons probe snaps farthest image from Earth

There’s a man-made shuttle at the edge of the solar system, taking photos. It’s mind bending.

Layers of hydrocarbon haze could explain why Pluto’s so super-cold

Pluto just got a lot more interesting.

Proposed ‘geophysical definition’ re-instates Pluto as a planet — and adds 100 new ones in the Solar System

I never lost faith in you, Pluto.

Pluto’s ‘heart’ might be filled with an ocean of liquid water

Pluto shares some love.

New NASA image shows first cloud on Pluto

Pluto really is crazy!

Did Pluto’s moon Charon harbor an ancient ocean?

As NASA’s New Horizons shuttle zoomed past Pluto, it snapped awesome photos not only of the “ex-planet”, but also of its moons. Now researchers are analyzing those pictures and reporting surprising finds – such as an ancient ocean on Charon, Pluto’s moon. Too big for its skin? The side of Pluto’s largest moon viewed by NASA’s passing New Horizons exhibits

NASA finds vast quantities of frozen water on Pluto

New data provided by the New Horizons mission showed that water ice on Pluto is much more common than we thought.

New Horizons images suggest Pluto is geologically active

NASA released a stunningly colorful new image of the dwarf planet Pluto, the latest in a series of images that steadily trickle down from the New Horizons probe since it left the solar system this July. And it’s not only eye candy either; the features this picture reveals has left the smart guys at the agency scratching their heads.

What makes a planet? Finally a simple formula that includes exoplanets as well

There is only one clear set of official criteria by which we class or not a cosmic body as a planet. These criteria introduced in 2006 by the International Astronomical Union saw Pluto demoted to the status of dwarf planet. Oddly enough, though, these rules were made for classing planets only in our solar system, meaning the 5,000 exoplanets (what should be planets outside our solar system) identified so far are now in a “definitional limbo,” according to planetary astronomer Jean-Luc Margot at UCLA. Luckily, Margot has come up with a solution which seems to work marvelously.

Astropicture of the Week: Pluto

We’ve seen Pluto in all its splendor recently thanks to the New Horizons mission that flew by the former planet / currently planetoid, but just when you thought it can’t surprise you anymore… something like this comes along. This is Pluto. Recently, a paper was published based on the data that New Horizons sent back to Earth, including impressions about Pluto

Pluto’s Charon reveals colorful and violent past

NASA’s New Horizons shuttle wasn’t only taking mind blowing photos of Pluto, it was also peeking at Pluto’s moons, especially Charon – the largest one. The latest set of images analyzed by NASA researchers revealed quite a busy past, filled with violence and geologic activity.

Even more awesome images of Pluto released!

I know, I know, we’ve spoiled you with awesome photos of Pluto already, this couldn’t possibly surprise you, could it? Well, I dare say NASA has done it again – this new batch of New Horizons images is absolutely breathtaking.

They’re here: NASA’s best up-close and personal photos of Pluto

New close-ups of Pluto’s surface have been revealed by NASA today, revealing a stunning variety of features on the frozen planetoid. A range of majestic mountains surrounds seemingly endless plains, and now, we get to see them all with unprecedented quality. It’s so spectacular that even NASA’s investigators were surprised. “Pluto is showing us a diversity of landforms and complexity

Pluto is covered in ice and has an atmosphere, new pics reveal

New Horizons has sent over so much data that NASA will be analyzing and learning more about Pluto for over a year – such is the case now: these new images from New Horizons reveal flowing ice, impressive mountain ranges and a surprisingly thick atmosphere.