Plants actively gauge their competition and switch strategies to one-up them

We all have to make ends meet. Even plants.

Human-use anesthetics also knock out plants, weirdly, teaching us a lot about such drugs

It’s funny to realize that we’ve been using anesthetics for at least a century now, but we still don’t *really* know why they work.

Botanic gardens might be our last shot to save endangered plants

The bad news is that we need this in the first place.

What plants can teach us about solving traffic jams

Plants too experience internal nutrient traffic jams, and they’re fantastic at responding to them.

Why leaves come in so many different sizes, explained by new study

A new study overturns a classic textbook theory.

Researchers hijack plant to produce polio vaccine

Anti-vaxxers finally have a natural option.

Some plants thrive in scorching hot volcanic soil — at 72 °C (161 F)

You could make tea at those temperatures.

It’s so hot that Antarctica is going green, as global warming triggers moss explosion

When we said ‘Go green,’ this really wasn’t what we had in mind.

If stem cells don’t grow as you want them to, just add a dash of parsley-husk scaffolding

To be fair it works with other plants too, but I was shooting for a culinary title.

Arctic “Doomsday Seed Vault” gets 50,000 new deposits

It’s basically a huge fridge for seeds — and it just got bigger.

Time to update the Paleo Diet — it was heavy on plants and veggies, archaeologists found

Best enjoyed with a stone fork from a bark plate.

Highest-living plant discovered more than 6km above sea level in the Himalayas

Hardy little things too.

NASA tells us which plants to buy for cleaner air — in 100% infographic format

Plants > Chemicals.

Spinach doped with carbon nanotubes turns into explosive detector

The next generation of monitor sensing could be half plant, half machine.

Some parasitic plants can steal genes then use them against their hosts

That’s not very nice.

The surprising reason why Begonia leaves are iridescent blue: energy harvesting

A light scavenger can teach us a lot about energy efficiency.

One it ten UK species faces extinction, State of Nature report warns

You can’t take 10% out of something and still expect it to work.

Global warming causes plants and soils to ‘burp’ more CO2

A long-standing assumption that as the planet warms, the biosphere releases more CO2 in a positive feedback loop was confirmed by researchers.

Air pollution confuses bees and hinders foraging

Bees have a very keen sense of smell — they have to in order to survive. But air pollution is seriously plugging their ‘nostrils’.

Carrot genome explains why these are orange

Carrots are the richest source of vitamin A in the American diet, which is why you hear “they’re good for your eyes”. But did you know carrots were initially yellow and purple? Even further back, before humans domesticated carrots, the wild variety was white. Scientists know this by sequencing the DNA of the carrot, and a recent study deciphered its full genetic code. We now know what genes trigger the production of carrots’ most important nutrients, but also what teaking is required to improve the crops.