Scientists modify plant mitochondrial DNA for the first time

This is huge news for the biotech industry.

Grazing animals drove the domestication of grain crops

This might solve a long-standing puzzle about plant domestication.

What is soil? Here’s the inside scoop

The Earth’s great recycle bin.

Humans started cooking and eating starch 120,000 years ago

Mankind has been cooking starches for a long, long time.

Invasive flowering species might overpower native ones because of warming climates

We flower in peace!

Medicinal plants used in the Civil War can stomp our modern antibiotic-resistant germs

Old tricks, new ways to implement them.

Slightly-tweaked microbe could create plastics from a common plant waste material

Lignin’ on a dream!

Grasses steal neighbors’ genes to one-up other species

“They’re OUR genes, tovarish plant” — grasses.

Researchers design the first soft robot that moves like a plant

Which is to say, slowly!

Plants evolved to manipulate ants into defending them

A chicken and egg problem — rehashed in an unlikely scenario.

Arctic plants are getting taller due to climate change — which could fuel more climate change

Well, this is an unusual problem to have.

Earth’s green history may help scientists spot plant life on alien planets

Thanks, plants!

Citizen science called upon to study liverworts and help quantify climate change

These plants could become our climate “canary in the coal mine”.

Plants’ climate-compensation systems will be overwhelmed by climate change

Climate change could cause an ecological break-down.

Plants colonized the land 500 million years ago — much earlier than we thought

Plants might have moved on to the land 100 million years earlier than we thought.

Plants actively gauge their competition and switch strategies to one-up them

We all have to make ends meet. Even plants.

Human-use anesthetics also knock out plants, weirdly, teaching us a lot about such drugs

It’s funny to realize that we’ve been using anesthetics for at least a century now, but we still don’t *really* know why they work.

Botanic gardens might be our last shot to save endangered plants

The bad news is that we need this in the first place.

What plants can teach us about solving traffic jams

Plants too experience internal nutrient traffic jams, and they’re fantastic at responding to them.

Why leaves come in so many different sizes, explained by new study

A new study overturns a classic textbook theory.