Pests destroy around one quarter of our crops — even more in developing areas

This is the most comprehensive review of pest-related damage.

Bacteria in ancient Druid “healing soil” found to stop the growth of super bugs

It even stops MRSA.

Cell-membrane-coated nanobots successfully clear out 66% of bacteria and toxins in blood samples

Boy oh boy, am I excited for nanomedicine!

Deadly fungus threatening to wipe out amphibians around the world traced to Korea

The East Asian pet trade of amphibians needs to be halted at once, according to the researchers.

Astronauts identify microbes in space for the first time

We really do contaminate everything we touch — and space is no exception.

The humble fly carries even more diseases than we thought, new study shows

Flies can do so much more than ruin your picnic, new research finds.

Microbes thrive in high altitude stormy clouds – could play role in global climate

It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! No, it’s… microbes ?! High up in the atmosphere, 10.000 meters above ground, researchers have found over 100 species of bacteria doing just fine in stormy clouds. Each year, hundreds of millions of tons of dust, water and man-maned pollutans make their way into the atmosphere, often traveling between distant locations or even

First ever computer model of a living organism performed

In what can only be described as a milestone in biological and genetic engineering, scientists at Stanford University have, for the first time ever, simulated a complete bacterium. With the organism completely in virtual form, the scientists can perform any kind of modification on its genome and observe extremely quickly what kind of changes would occur in the organism. This