The explosive difference between nuclear fission and fusion

Despite having some things common, the two can be considered polar opposites.

Only five nuclear explosions are enough to change the climate and trigger a ‘nuclear autumn’

In the case of China’s five-megaton bomb, a single throw is enough to destabilize the planet’s climate.

The U.S. Military is still using floppy disks to coordinate its nuclear arsenal

Some might be surprised to learn that the country’s entire nuclear arsenal is still programmed on floppy disks, and army personnel is still reliant on the antiqued IBM Series/1 computer to implement the launch codes.

North Korean nukes are getting bigger, geology finds

While the world was asleep, a few days ago North Korea made its latest nuclear test, the third that we know of. This has prompted intense international pressure on the North Korean regime, as you might imagine, what’s interesting, rather frightening actually, is that seismic activity shows the nukes are getting ever bigger. Pyongyang said that the test was designed

The US wanted to nuke the moon during the cold war

Paranoia, fear and the prospect of total global annihilation. These thoughts constantly plagued the leaders of the developed world during the cold war, as the two super power of the time, the US and USSR, pranced back and forth in a potentially deadly dance. It was during this time that some of the most devious, inconceivable plans were made. On more

Iran almost completed their first nuclear reactor. Should we worry ?

This seems to be the one of the most asked questions these days; what’s my opinion on it ? You should worry about it just as much as you worry about a brick suddenly falling in your head – probably less. After decades of development and hard work (yeah, that’s right, people from all around the world work), Iran’s first

Stanislav Petrov – the man who probably saved the world

It was September 26, 1983. The Cold War was at one of its most tense periods ever. With the United States and Russia being bitter enemies, they had already built enough nuclear weapons to destroy each other – as well as the whole world a couple times over, for that matter –  and the slightest sign of an attack would