Norway to invest $13 million in “Doomsday” Seed Vault

We hope this vault will never be needed. But just in case…

The Hjertefølgers’ cob house might just be the coziest place in the subarctic

Please adopt me I wanna be part of this!

Norway plans to launch the world’s first autonomous, fully electric ship next year

Such a shippy development!

Norway to Brazil: If you keep destroying the Amazon, we’ll cut our $1bn funding

Brazil isn’t respecting its part of the deal.

The world’s tiniest game of Pac-Man is both awesome and educational

I’m gonna need a smaller controller.

Norway is now the world’s leading whaling nation

Norway is killing more whales than Japan and Iceland combined.

Norway’s $900 billion fund will stop investing in coal

Norway’s Parliament has agreed that their sovereign energy fund should divest from investments in coal in an attempt to mitigate climate change.

Norway to pay Liberia to stop cutting its woods

Norway will pay impoverished African country Liberia $150m (£91.4m) to entirely stop deforestation by 2020. Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world, and its economy is extremely underdeveloped. Mix this current situation with the recent Ebola outbreak, and you get a recipe for disaster. Logging is a simple source of revenue in such situations, and Norway wants to

Strange sky spiral freaks out Norway

It was Thursday night when locals from Norway started to notice a strange, rotating light that just baffled them. It was visible long enough to be seen, photographed and recorded by half of country. The blue light seemed to appear from behind the top of a mountain; it rose, began to spin, then began to circulate. Naturally, as it became