How science knows when nations are testing nuclear bombs — even when they are lying

We can’t deduce everything, but we can deduce A LOT.

Awesome satellite imagery shows surprising images of North Korea

What a time to be alive.

Did North Korea actually test a bomb? Science actually has the answer

North Korea recently announced that it tested a massive H-bomb, one that’s “capable of wiping out the entire United States”.

North Korean nukes are getting bigger, geology finds

While the world was asleep, a few days ago North Korea made its latest nuclear test, the third that we know of. This has prompted intense international pressure on the North Korean regime, as you might imagine, what’s interesting, rather frightening actually, is that seismic activity shows the nukes are getting ever bigger. Pyongyang said that the test was designed

It really is rocket science, North Korea. In the wake of the nation’s failed launch

The whole world had its eyes on North Korea yesterday, when the nation proceeded on its third attempt to launch an object into space, this time a weather satellite, despite intense political pressure against such action due to concern of it actually being a covert long-range missile test and numerous U.N. treaty violations. Like North Korea’s past attempts, the Unha-3

South Korea claims North Korea is preparing for another nuclear test

The atmosphere is getting more and more packed with tension between the two Koreas, as satellite images revealed North Korea is digging a huge underground tunnel, in what appears to be preparation for a new nuclear test. Nuclear tests raise global concern North Korea performed two previous tests, both of which were significantly smaller than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs,

North Korea suspends nuclear testing

The first breakthrough in the series of negotiations with North Korea has finally been made as the Asian country announced the suspension of its controversial nuclear program. Under the terms of this new deal, uranium enrichment and long-range ballistic-missile development in exchange for 240,000 tonnes of food aid from the United States. Furthermore, the agreement would allow the US inspectors

Huge sustainable plan in the Incheon Free Economic Zone will unite North and South Korea via world’s longest bridge

The leading architectural firm Foster + Partners has recently won an international competition in which companies where supposed to come up with schemes towards developing the Incheon Free Economic Zone. Foster’s plan, the winning plan, is incredibly bold, encompassing the islands of KangHwa and OnJin-gun, to the north west of Seoul, basically connecting the the two feuding countries together. A