New Zealand’s prime minister wants to go fully renewable by 2035

New Zealand is one of the greenest countries on the planet, but they still have a lot of work to do.

Some plants thrive in scorching hot volcanic soil — at 72 °C (161 F)

You could make tea at those temperatures.

New Zealand parrot’s ‘laugh’ is so contagious other birds just can’t resist joining in

When the kea plays its playful call other parrots just can’t help themselves and join in.

416 beached whales send New Zealanders into frantic rescue mission

It was truly haunting.

Strange ‘Muriwai Monster’ is a crustacean colony, New Zealand marine scientists say

Beaches — the final frontier. For these guys at least.

Magma is building up beneath a town in New Zealand

There’s no need to panic though.

Real Life Mount Doom might be about to erupt, geologists warn

Mount Ruapehu on New Zealand’s north island is starting to show signs of eruption, and hikers have been warned to stay away from it. This is the real-life Mount Doom from The Lord of the Rings, where many scenes of the movie were shot. Mount Ruapehu is a stratovolcano with three major peaks: Tahurangi (2,797 m), Te Heuheu (2,755 m) and Paretetaitonga

Surreal crooked trees shaped by Antarctic winds

Wind gusts are so unforgiving that the trees themselves molded into weird and crooked shapes. There’s an almost surreal beauty to their shape, though — it brings harshness to life. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else in the world.

New Zealand opens marine reserve for oil exploration and seismic testing

In a world class display of hypocrisy, after opening up the world’s largest marine sanctuary and vowing to reduce fossil fuel subsidies, the New Zealand government has opened up a marine reserve of the world’s rarest dolphin for oil exploration – most significantly, seismic surveys. The Maui dolphin is the world’s rarest, with under 60 individuals remaining in the wild

This reptile chews food like a “steak knife”

The New Zealand tuatara (Sphenodon) is one of those unique animals that warrants revision for biology textbooks. The lizard-like reptile that is the only survivor of a group that was globally widespread at the time of the dinosaurs uses its highly specialised jaws to slice its food like a “steak knife”. Typically, chewing is associated with high metabolism in animals, but in this instance this is far from being the case.

New Zealand MP demoted after suggesting homeopathy use in Ebola fight

Green MP Steffan Browning was slammed by the public opinion and has subsequently been stripped of one of his portfolios after he suggested fighting Ebola with homeopathy. I have  to admit, I couldn’t help a chuckle on finding this out. I mean, the fact that a Member of the Parliament of a developed country suggests treating one of the most

Researchers find that that water penetrates upper crust layer, goes down to 6-8 km

Geologists working in New Zealand have shown, through isotopic analysis, that rainwater can infiltrate down to 6-8 km, in the lower ductile crust.

The amazing Tuatara

The tuatara is not an iguana, it’s not a lizard, and it is very, very different than any other reptile alive today on Earth. In fact, recent studies suggest that it’s pretty different from any other vertebrate. It’s home is in New Zealand, which is known for eccentric life forms of all kinds: the kiwi, with long whiskers and feathers