New Horizons beams back clear image of farthest object ever visited in the solar system

Brian May from Queen also wrote a song about it.

NASA spacecraft beams back first image from inside the Sun’s atmosphere

We have a spacecraft inside the sun’s atmosphere — take that in for a moment.

American and Russian astronauts escape malfunctioning Soyuz launch

The incident adds more strain to already tense relations between the US and Russian space programs.

Search for alien life needs to be integral to NASA missions in the future, new report says

A Congress-mandated committee recommends that finding alien life becomes a priority for most NASA missions.

How NASA tech made its way into everyday life

The technology initially developed for space is remarkably common in everyday life applications on Earth.

California to launch its “own damn satellite” to monitor air pollution, climate change

Go Cali, go!

Stephen Colbert ridicules administrator’s plan to allow NASA corporate sponsorships

Astronaut suits plastered in ads like NASCAR racers? Now that’s a thought…

Watch the ‘World on Fire’ in this amazing NASA satellite image

On any given day, large areas of the globe are covered in fire.

NASA achieves coldest temperature in space, probes the nature of gravity

The most sophisticated fridge in space is already delivering fantastic results.

NASA eavesdropped on the Sun, and they made a video so you can hear it too

With a bit of help from NASA, you can now hear the sun’s roar — and it’s glorious.

NASA updates its plan to deflect dangerous asteroids

It’s the “small” asteroids that we really need to be preparing for.

New analysis reveals that Ceres’ spots harbor a lot of organic material

It’s not a sign that Ceres ever harbored life, but it surely doesn’t hurt its odds.

NASA explains how one of its cameras melted during rocket launch

Watch this brave camera’s last moments as it gets engulfed in flames.

Curiosity Rover is back to drilling Martian rocks — and this is really important

NASA engineers had to invent a new clever technique.

Human activity is messing with global freshwater movement

The message is clear: We need to act now!

NASA and ESA team up to bring Martian soil back home

A great partnership for a great goal.

Football field-sized asteroid makes close flyby past Earth — and no one saw it coming

Close call!

NASA’s stunning, 4K ‘Tour of the Moon’ is just as good as visiting the place — if not better

Eye candy galore.

NASA’s next mission to Mars will map the planet’s interior, scheduled for May 5th

We’ll learn more about our own home in the process, things that we never could here on Earth.

A year in space — it really changes your genes

There’s no need to panic, but these aren’t exactly happy news.