First operational laser weapon set to safeguard US ships from menacing drones

Blowing stuff up at the speed of light.

Unmanned US plane lands after two-year secret mission

Its purpose still remains a mystery.

Sci-fi buffs everywhere, rejoyce! The UK military is developing laser weapons

The prototype should be delivered in 2019.

The US is rolling out superhuman hearing for its soldiers

Wearable tech could save the hearing of thousands of soldiers.

“Climate change is a security risk,” Pentagon report reads

On Wednesday, the Department of Defense issued a report in which it highlights the global security implications of climate change. In the report, the authors note that climate change will exacerbate current world problems like ” poverty, social tensions, environmental degradation, ineffectual leadership and weak political institutions that threaten stability in a number of countries.”

Military wants to use swarms of disposable “Cicada” drones: dropping flies behind enemy lines

A mini-drone that fits in the palm of your hand could give the military an upper hand on the battlefield by providing key intelligence readings. Hundreds of these small, plastic drones could be dropped off a flight and left to scatter across the battlezone. Though they don’t have any engines, these “Cicada” drones are equipped with sensors that help adjust the gliding pattern, directing the drone towards a dropzone with an accuracy within a couple of feet. These are hard to spot since they easily disguise as a bird from afar and once behind the lines can use their sensors and microphones to spy on enemy positions. These can also prove very useful for civilian missions, most notably for gathering meteorological data.

Mobile app lets soldiers order an airstrike via their android smartphone

Yeah, I know – for heaven’s sake is there an app  for this too now? It seems so. Draper Laboratory, a not-for-profit research and development lab based in Cambridge, Mass, is currently testing a mobile app that may one day actually see the battlefield and help soldiers order airstrikes simply by using their smartphones. The better communication between the various parties

Zapping lasers: German military 50 kW laser can shoot down mortar projectiles from 2km away

We’re all familiar with laser weapons from SciFi movies and novels, but how far away is laser warfare from reality? Very close, if we’re to judge from the recently publicized test run of Rheinmetall Defense‘s 50kW high power laser that can melt through thick armor a kilometer away and shoot tiny mobile targets at twice the distance. The German company laser is

DARPA’s new threat detection system: one 120-megapixel camera + one supercomputer + one EEG strapped soldier

Boy, oh boy. Here’s a run for your dollar – DARPA’s latest ultimate threat detection system seems like it’s stripped from a bad war movie, but crazy as it may sound, it works and very well, according to officials. The system, called Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (CT2WS), consists of an extremely high resolution camera of 120-megapixels, which captures its surroundings.

The U.S. Air Force’s “Welcome to 2035… the Age of Suprise” [VIDEO]

In 1996, hundreds of US Air Force specialists, scientists and affiliates established an extensive study called Air Force 2025, in which the emerging technologies that will shape the battlefield in the next 25 years were outlined. The study went pretty well, since it was continued with Blue Horizons in 2007, in the same lines, which eventually transformed into a series

Navy preps introduction of robot fireman

Once flames brake loose, the close confinements of ships or subs suddenly transform into a hellish scene, claiming the lives of countless sailor. The U.S. Navy seeks to counter this deadly hazard by employing a mechanical firefighter among its ranks. Sophisticated, robust, and dexterous, this is a highly exciting project. Developed by the Naval Research Laboratory,  the Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot (SAFFiR)

New Pentagon Tech: sky drones that identify faces

I’d like to divert from a potential discussion which might build around the trillions of dollars spent on defense by the US government or the more or less futile efforts enterprised in the middle east, and stick to the point at hand – spy drones! Yes, scary, paranoia inducing flying unmanned vehicles whose sole purpose is that of collecting intelligence about its