Building blocks of life can spontaneously form in outer space

Biology — it may literally be out of this world.

The Search for Alien Life: We Have Been Looking in the Wrong Places

If there are any, aliens should be less conspicuous and charismatic-looking than most people think.

Study: Mars got its water the same place Earth did – meteorites

A study conducted by researchers from the Carnegie Institution for Science concluded that both Earth and Mars got their water from the same source chondritic meteorites. However, unlike Earth, Martian rocks containing atmospheric volatiles such as water don’t get recycled into the planet’s deep interior.   The origin, history, and evolution of Martian water are pretty much a hot topic

NASA slams alien life claims

Two days ago, the whole world was teeming with excitement, after some NASA researchers reported finding traces of alien life in meteorites; now, even their employer distances itself from them, and the whole scientific world seems to frown upon this work. However, in what is a very unusual move, NASA has denied any involvement with the paper, and even the