Invisibility cloak could help protect cities from earthquakes

French researchers say they are close to developing seismic ‘invisibility cloaks’ which would cancel out potentially hazardous earthquake shockwaves, protecting key buildings or even entire cities. Nuclear power plants especially, and potentially entire cities could be cloaked using this technology – if the researchers’ theories are true (which seems highly likely). They believe that by drilling boreholes in a precise pattern into

Major earthquake strikes off the coast of Alaska

An earthquake with a 7.5 – 7.7 magnitude shook the Pacific Ocean, striking just off the coast of Alaska, geophysicists working at USGS announced. As I am writing this, the earthquake took place just a few minutes ago, so there’s not much info on it; what we do know is that it hit at a depth of about 10km at

Strong quake hits Japan, creates danger of tsunami

A strong earthquake with an epicenter off the northeastern coast of Japan shook buildings all the way to Tokyo, leading to a tsunami warning for coastal areas of the northeast. The first estimate of the magnitude was 7.4, but was then lowered to 7.3. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) explained there is no risk of a widespread tsunami for

Earthquake strikes southern Maine – no injuries or immediate damage [shorties]

The earthquake that struck southern Maine was felt in New England as well as Connecticut, but as far as reports tell us, there’s no significant damage, and not even a single injury. According to USGS, the earthquake had a meager magnitude of 4.0, despite initial estimates of 4.0, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it couldn’t be dangerous. The earthquake seems

Massive 8.6 quake strikes Indonesia – but didn’t create a monster tsunami

An 8.6-magnitude earthquake and powerful aftershocks struck the coast of Indonesia today, resurrecting fears of a big tsunami like the one responsible for one of the biggest modern disasters ever. However, this earthquake, which struck at 2:38 p.m. local time (4:38 a.m. ET), about 270 miles (435 kilometers) off the coast of the Indonesian island was drastically different than the

Powerful 7.2 earthquake shakes Turkey, kills over 60 people

Another powerful seismic event has taken place, this time in Turkey; the 7.2 earthquake in case struck eastern Turkey on Sunday, killing at least 60 people and turning most buildings into big chunks of concrete and metal. However, Turkish scientists grimly predict that the victim count could easily go above 1000, as housing conditions are especially low in eastern Turkey.

Massive earthquake hits Japan… again

The seismological events near Japan are far from reaching an equilibrium; a 7.4 or 7.5 earthquake on the Richter scale struck apan’s Miyagi Prefecture and its vicinity in northeastern Japan at 23:32 p.m. (1432 GMT) local Time Thursday, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) said. The area is not so far away from the major 9.0, which hints at related seismic

Large earthquakes don’t trigger others far away

  Ever since the 9.0 earthquake in Japan, there has been a growing mainstream interest for earthquakes, which will probably fade away as time passes, only to be revived when the next big temblor strikes. However, the good news is that, even for a brief period of time, seismologic studies are given the attention they very much deserve. Such is

Massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake hits Japan, creates tsunami

It’s been a busy tectonic month, and things aren’t about to chill down. A massive 7.9 magnitude Earthquake has just hit the Northern coast of Japan, triggering a more than four meter tall tsunami that wiped down cars and other property along the coastline, but it’s still unclear how many people were injured or killed. What is also unclear, and