Vikings cut down all of Iceland’s forests — the country is planting them anew

Since 2015, Iceland has planted around 1,000 hectares of forest (between three and four million trees).

Iceland researchers trap CO2 into rocks — but there’s a catch

This could be a big part of the battle against climate change.

One Icelandic glacier-volcano duo is emitting 20 times more methane than all other volcanoes in Europe

When glaciers fall to the dark side, methane happens.

Icelanders went through drastic genetic changes since the island was colonized

A lot has changed in the past 10 centuries — including genetics.

Volcano eruption might have pushed Iceland towards Christianity

A mythical song of gods and volcanoes.

Iceland is drilling the world’s hottest hole for electricity

In the world’s hottest man-made hole, temperatures reach up to 1000 °C (1800 F).

Natural selection is weeding out our drive to go to school, study reports

Not a good sign for a race hoping to colonize space.

Iceland drilling project close to plugging into the Mid-Atlantic ridge

In a few months, Iceland will be drawing power directly from molten rock.

Large volcano in Iceland might be set to erupt, temblors warn

After two large earthquakes with magnitudes over 4, the Katla volcano in Iceland seems set to erupt.

Vikings might have actually used sunstones to navigate

The legends might have been true after all.

Iceland, as seen from the skies

The guys at Hybrid Dynamic Media went on an epic adventure through the stunningly beautiful country and came back with this video. The detail and sharpness is amazing, and they did a fantastic job at surprising Iceland’s raw, geological beauty. Here’s the clip. Iceland from the sky from Hybrid Dynamic Media on Vimeo.

Icelandic DNA mapping might lead to the future of medicine

Scientists are working to gather more and more details about Icelandic DNA, in an attempt to design better drugs and understand how drugs react to genetic variation. So far, the DNA of over 1% of all Icelanders has been sequenced and more will likely follow. This operation is conducted by Amgen’s DeCode Genetics. The team now claims that they can identify every woman at high-risk of breast cancer “at the touch of a button” and it would be “criminal” not to use the information.

Geologists find changes in well water chemicals prior to earthquakes

A team of geologists from Iceland, Sweden and Saudi Arabia has found changes in groundwater chemicals prior to earthquakes. They emphasize that they haven’t found a precursor to earthquakes, but there seems to be a connection between these chemical changes and incoming earthquakes. There is no reliable earthquake warning system, and there almost certainly won’t be any (at least in

Mind blowing pictures of the recent Iceland volcano eruption

    Taken at distances as small as 1 kilometer, these pictures of Grimsvotn (the volcano that erupted recently in Iceland) reveal how beautiful and terrifying at the same time volcanic eruptions can be. Blending smoke and ash with lightning, the pictures are truly breathtaking. They were taken by Johann Ingi Jonsson, an amateur photographer from Reykjavik, who sits 124

First expedition inside a volcano

Volcanoes have fascinated human beings since the dawn of time; thankfully, now we know enough not to think of them as powerful earth/fire gods, but to understand them as the magnificent phenomena they are. However, there are still many things we still haven’t been able to figure out them, and even if we would have, they would still be fascinating.

Iceland to build longest underwater cable, sell renewable energy

Iceland is definitely one weird country; it is extremely rich in geothermal and volcanic energy, and has access to a significant quantity of fish, but other than that, resources are extremely scarce. At the end of 2008, the economy collapsed, with all major banks going bankrupt. Since then, they have been desperately trying to rise an economy that right now