Scientists may have finally solved the mystery of emerald icebergs

Iron oxide may be coloring some icebergs green, which would make them important nutrient carriers for marine life.

No Photoshop involved: this iceberg really is almost perfectly rectangular

It’s as if someone cut it with a knife.

Huge Antarctic iceberg exposes mysterious marine ecosystem hidden beneath the ice for 120,000 years

One of the biggest icebergs in the world has now exposed a potentially alien-like ecosystem.

NASA captures close-up of one of largest iceberg in history to split off Antarctica

Pretty and disturbing at the same time.

Another iceberg, quadruple the size of Manhattan, breaks free from Antarctica

Not good. No, not good at all!

NASA satellite spots mile-long iceberg breaking off from Antarctic glacier

NASA’s satellites witnessed the dramatic breaking of the iceberg.

Iceberg the size of Singapore breaks away from Antarctica

  An iceberg the size of Singapore has separated from Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier This kind of detachment is not uncommon, but rarely on this magnitude Singapore is an island-city-state, about the size of Budapest or Dubai   Between November 9–11, 2013, a large iceberg finally separated from the calving front of Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier. Scientists first detected an

Titanic sank, but iceberg is innocent – blame it on the Moon

For almost 100 years it carried the blame of sinking the world’s most famous ship, but now, the ill-famed iceberg may be cleared, after some researchers claim they’ve found the true culprit – the Moon. Now don’t get the wrong idea, it was the collision with the ice mass that ultimately brought the demise of the Titanic, but it was

Iceberg the size of NYC forming in Antarctica

Part of an ambitious NASA survey over the Antarctic, which intends on 3D mapping the continent’s glaciers in detail, one of the project’s planes has sighted a huge, emerging crack on the icy surface. The crack is a 8-mile-long break in an ice shelf, the first sign hinting to the formation of an iceberg that will be end up to be

Iceberg breaks after New Zeeland earthquake

On Tuesday, February 22nd, a 6.3 magnitude quake shook New Zeeland, causing severe damage to major cities on the south island, especially Christchurch.Every year, thousands of earthquakes occur in New Zealand that are too small to be felt. However, in the 15 years between 1992 and 2007, New Zealand experienced over 30 earthquakes of magnitude 6 or more. But one

Antarctica’s amazing striped icebergs

When you think of Antarctica, pristine white icebergs usually come to mind; probably the last thing you’d expect are humbug-like striped icebergs, with blue, green, yellow and even brown. The different colours appear due to various reasons, but generally speaking they appear because some layers of ice form in special conditions. Blue stripes are the most common, and they appear

The fight for survival – a single bear vs a colony

As we enjoy our peace and quiet (or at least we should be), we shouldn’t forget that how the society we’ve built leads to an ever fiercer fight for survival. Here’s a movie that really touched me, with an ending you don’t (thankfully) see every day.