Humans may have migrated across several routes in Asia

Climate change can sometimes open up new opportunities — and ancient humans knew that well.

Potential new species of human found in cave in Philippines

This would make the 5th lineage that lived alongside modern humans.

Unbelievable experiment suggests humans are able to subconsciously sense Earth’s magnetic field

Humans have a ‘sixth sense’ after all.

Bronze-age Iberians included domesticated foxes and dogs in their burial practices

They say modern life is the best but I won’t be convinced till I have a pet fox myself.

Neanderthal diet revolved around meat, new study finds

Caveburgers, anyone?

Birds perceive colors and hues the same way we do

Does this mean we see everything through a bird’s eye view?

Fossils reveal that primates initially had nails and claws, we just lost the latter ones

Tighter social groups and a three-borne lifestyle likely prompted the switch.

Ancient jawbones hint at ancient humans’ diet

It’s all about the dried meat and seeds.

Humanity is just 0.01% of all life but we wiped out 83% of all wild mammals

A new study reveals the staggering disproportionate impact that humanity has on wildlife.

Modern humans and Denisovans interbred at least twice in history

Our ancestors interbred both with Neanderthals and Denisovans.

Early modern humans formed complex social networks to avoid inbreeding as early as 34,000 years ago

The findings partially explain why humans were more successful than Neanderthals.

Neanderthals were distilling tar 200,000 years ago well before humans

Neanderthals were far more complex than meets the eye.

Tiny, fossilized ape skull brings us closer to the common human-ape ancestor, fuels debate over humanity’s place of birth

Not bad for such a small thing.

A lost race of hominids left their legacy in the saliva of Sub-Saharan populations

Unlikely discoveries hide in unlikely places.

How much does the Earth and its population weigh?

Humanity is getting more numerous and fatter while planet Earth itself is getting lighter.

Early Neanderthal DNA suggests a modern human-related dispersal from Africa as early as 220,000 years ago

New insight into the evolution of Neanderthals but also into a common ancestral lineage.

Scientists report new trove of information on Homo naledi, the newly discovered humanoid species

A primitive Homo species with some surprising skills.

We pick our mates by their genome — even if we aren’t aware of it

Humans too engage in assortative mating, scientists find.

Modern humans lost some of their smoke-resistance genes and we don’t know why

So remember, don’t smoke kids.

Did Neanderthals and humans share the same hearing?

The study might help answer whether neanderthals were capable of the same communication abilities as humans.