Goats can tell when you’re happy — and they like it when you smile

Just like humans, goats prefer hanging out with happy people.

Ancient pottery portrays perilous path for agriculture under climate change

Don’t scrub your pots too hard — you’re destroying precious climate evidence!

Vaccinating against livestock disease could reduce poverty in eastern Africa, study finds

Vaccines could go a long way towards alleviating poverty in the area.

How tree-climbing goats keep one of Morocco’s agricultural treasures growing

Goats are crazy!

Pakistan airline sacrificed a goat in its airport to get rid of bad luck

What year is it?

Why goats have really weird rectangular pupils

Ever took a moment to stare a goat in the eyes? If you have, you might have noticed something really weird: their pupils are horizontal rectangular.

Scientists receive funding to clone extinct goat

The bucardo, a mountain goat perfectly adapted for life in the  extreme cold and snow of winter in the Pyrenees, became extinct in 2000. From the last living specimen, a goat called Celia, researchers managed to harvest living cells and store them in liquid nitrogen. Using these cells, Spanish researchers now plan to de-extinct the species by cloning it. This