Why some creatures in the deep sea grow to enormous sizes

Deep sea gigantism (or abyssal gigantism) is the tendency for deep-sea animals, mostly invertebrates, to grow to much larger sizes than their shallow water relatives. But what causes animals to grow so much, and what giant animals can we find in the deep sea? Let’s have a look. When¬†Jacques Piccard and Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh reached dove to a depth

All giant squids are just one species

The fearsome monster that inspired Greek and Norse mythology was once driven almost to extinction, facing a genetic bottleneck event that marked their evolution as a species. The finding comes from an analysis of tissue samples from 43 giant squid (Architeuthis spp.) from around the world. The analysis were mostly concluded on specimens which were washed up onshore or accidentally

Giant squids filmed by Japanese researchers – for the first time in their own habitat

Scientists and broadcasters announced for the first time that they have captured footage of the extremely elusive giant squid in its own habitat. Japan’s National Science Museum succeeded in filming the deep-sea creature at a depth of more than half a kilometer, but so far, the footage hasn’t been made public. In order to accomplish this remarkable feat, they teamed

Promiscuous dumpling squid has a short life expectancy due to excessive mating

Squids and cephalopods, in general, might not be the sexiest animals out there, but their mating systems are quite interesting,

Giant squids take to California

Yes ladies and gents, giant squids are all over the California beaches. Each of the squids weighs about 40 pounds, but some of them reach 60 and even more than that. I haven’t been able to find out what’s up with them, or why they gathered in such numbers, but according to scientists, this happens almost periodically, though they cannot