The ‘Age of Man’ is upon us — Anthropocene period close to becoming official

We are living in changing times.

Huge underwater eruption created giant volcano off the coast of Africa

This is one of the most exciting volcanic areas in the world.

Rock-solid geology puns that will have you erupting in laughter

They’re the schist.

The British mainland was formed by three continental collisions

Bumpy start!

Unique fossils show how early bird beaks developed

It’s a mix of surprisingly old and surprisingly modern.

Researchers have figured out how the Giant’s Causeway came to be

A giant mystery has been solved.

NASA’s next mission to Mars will map the planet’s interior, scheduled for May 5th

We’ll learn more about our own home in the process, things that we never could here on Earth.

Water may, ironically, be the root of Mars’ dreariness — it could have sabotaged its magnetic field

The theory shows that as long as Earth’s interior stays hot, it should avoid this fate.

For the first time, researchers record a volcanic thunder

Impossible means nothing if you’re a geologist.

Geologists discover ancient meteorite on the Isle of Skye, in Scotland

Even though the isle was studied extensively, the structures were buried beneath a murky swamp which likely dissuaded previous efforts.

Boiling water shapes Mars’ landscape, experiment reveals

It’s not heat, but low pressure that drives this boiling.

New evidence indicates that life on Earth emerged almost 4 billion years ago

It’s as old as we can possibly find.

Researchers will drill into one of Earth’s youngest islands to understand how land forms

It’s not even at retirement age yet.

Curiosity rover finds that its landing crater on Mars could have been habitable for 700 million years

We don’t know whether Mars held life… but there’s certainly a lot of potential.

The main types of mountains — Earth’s ups and downs

Let’s talk some mountains.

Geological deposits hint at ancient ocean on Mars’ surface

Can’t have a devastating water wave without water!

Bizarre life forms found living in Mexican crystals

Geologists have made a shocking discovery in a crystal-rich cave in Mexico.

Paleontologists find 6.2 million year old wolf-sized otter

It was adorable, but also terrifying.

New Zealand’s earthquake pushes the sea floor 2 meters above ground

Fast geology.

Watch all the volcanoes and earthquakes since 1960 hit around the world in one app

A stunning app put together by Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Project.