An energy-dense diet changes the brain — makes rats hungrier and more prone to obesity

High-calorie foods not only cause obesity, they change the brain.

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Scientists harvest first batch of Antarctic vegetables

Growing foods, at ungodly temperatures, without any soil or sunlight — strike one for science!

We’re all dupes for food we crave, willing to pay significantly more even when it’s bad for us

You don’t need everything you want, and you don’t want everything you need.

Scientists crack the eggshell nanostructure, finding what makes it so strong

The findings are important for food safety, but also materials science.

How to boil the perfect egg, right to your taste, every time

This is an easy to use calculator that takes into account all the physical parameters that impact a boiling egg.

Cutting calories delays ageing, new study shows

Eat less, live longer.

US Beef eaters are responsible for half of food-related emissions

The takeaway message is simple: eat less meat, especially beef.

Healthy food significantly improves major depression symptoms, new study finds

“You are what you eat.”

Well-done meat may raise your blood pressure

It may be delicious, but it’s not good for you.

Researchers create the ‘crop hotspot’ map of Mars so we know where to settle

All work and no food would make the colonists very sad. Also very, very dead.

Taking fish oil and probiotics during pregnancy may reduce food allergies

Researchers suggest these findings need to be considered when updating guidelines for pregnant women.

In the future, we could be all snacking on jellyfish chips

Don’t be so quick to say no.

Are GMOs bad? Science says they’re safe

The scientific consensus says GMOs are safe but public opinion remains polarized.

Speed breeding LED technique grows food six times faster than conventional farming

A welcomed solution to our growing food problems.

Win-Win: Eat healthy for yourself but also for the environment

If you want to do the environment and yourself a favor, just eat healthily. There will be fewer emissions and less land use.

Swedish company builds food-laden ‘Plantscaper’ to feed the cities of the future

A skyscraper filled with food? Sign me up!