The average American wastes almost a pound of food every day

94% of Americans waste food. The good news is that things can be improved with a few simple tips.

This Halloween, do the right thing — fight food waste and eat your pumpkin

Billions of pounds of pumpkin will end up in the landfill, not on a plate.

We waste a pound of food every day

We waste a lot of food — here’s how not to do that anymore.

Falling Fruit map shows where to find free food in and around your town

Money doesn’t grow on trees but food does.

The Food Chain Project: Fighting Food Waste With Art

Israeli-Dutch artist Itamar Gilboa has started a new project where he monitored everything he ate during a year and made a work of art out of it.

This app lets you buy leftover food from UK restaurants – and it’s really cheap

Keeping food inside our bellies instead of the bin.

Tesco, world’s second largest food retailer, to give all unsold food to charity

If we want to ensure food security for humanity in the future, then curbing out food waste is essential. Tesco is taking steps in the right direction, agreeing to a deal to donate all unsold food from its stores to charity.

Community Fridge in Spain lets people avoid food wasting by sharing

Food waste is a growing problem throughout the world; on one hand, we’ve got so many people starving or living in food insecurity, and on the other hand, in places like Western Europe or the US people are wasting almost 50% of what they eat. It seems rational to find ways to send the excess food to the places where it’s most needed, but that doesn’t happen nearly as much as it should. With that in mind, people in Galdakao, Spain, took initiative.

Seattle is the first US city that requires citizens to separate food waste from trash

Seattle, an US city with one of the highest recycling rates in the country, is now effectively mandating its citizens to separate food waste from trash cans. Those who do not comply risk a fine, but also a red tag on their garbage cans for all the other neighbors to see. Basically, it’s a shaming act – will it work?

The App that could fight food waste

According to the EPA, Americans waste some 30-40 percent of all the food they use. Even not considering the poorest areas such as Africa or SE Asia where food is almost a luxury, there are 50 million Americans who don’t have daily access to adequate food; reducing food waste could improve and save countless lives. Food waste is a huge problem

Don’t blame Tesco for mass food wastage, get creative and make your weekly shop go further

Tesco recently hit the news once again in a whirlwind of controversy as it was revealed that the UK supermarket giant wasted 28,000 tonnes of food in the first half of 2013. As most of us would guess, the common wastage culprits were the typical items we’re all guilty of forgetting about, failing to use or allowing to go pass