The UN says humanity is causing an ‘unprecedented’ decline in biodiversity — and it’s picking up

Please stop.

Timeline for giant sloth extinction rewritten by new analysis

A little dirt makes a lot of difference.

Giraffes quietly dropped down to ‘Endangered list’

Giraffes have been undergoing a silent extinction.

Shark numbers plummet by 92% in Australian waters

Sharks are declining at an alarming rate.

Exploding stars may have wiped off large ocean life 2.5 million years ago

The planet’s largest shark may have been killed by a supernova.

8 bird species have disappeared this decade or are on the brink of extinction

This includes the Spix’s Macaw, the lovely birds which inspired the main characters in Rio.

Researchers want to clone 40,000-year-old extinct horse — a step towards woolly mammoth resurrection

A 40,000-year-old baby horse recovered from Siberian ice may help de-extinct species.

Extremely cold climate may have sealed Neanderthals’ extinction

Climate change was unforgiving with the Neanderthals.

‘Survival of the laziest’: species that consume less energy better suited to dodging extinction

For some species, chilling is the best survival strategy.

Bacteria species, too, can become extinct — and they do so quite often

The findings go against commonly-held wisdom today.

One of the world’s rarest mammals is disappearing from folklore

The rarest ape in the world is slowly becoming forgotten.

Ancient volcanism shows our emissions can trigger a mass marine extinction

Ancient volcanism offers a glimpse into the future effects of climate change.

Humans are responsible for the sudden disappearance of world’s largest mammals

At this rate, in a few centuries, the world’s largest mammal could be the domestic cow.

Mass extinction event 232 million years ago paved the way for the dinosaurs

The dinosaurs started and ended with a bang.

Humanity killed off mega-herbivores — but climate change might warrant bringing them back

Turns out eating all the mammoth wasn’t that good of an idea.

Right whales face extinction if humans don’t intervene fast, NOAA researchers warn

The ocean will be less without them.

After the dinosaurs went extinct, mammals crawled out of the dark to take over

The extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs left many empty niches for the mammals’ taking.

Asteroid impact that wiped out dinosaurs was far worse than previously thought

Earth’s average surface air temperature droppped by as much as a staggering 26 degrees Celsius.

Neanderthals were doomed to fail, new study suggests

Humans weren’t necessarily better than the Neanderthals, they just moved around more.

Elusive stick insect thought extinct for 80 years is still alive and kicking

The amazing story of an insect presumed dead for decades.