It’s becoming abundantly clear that politicians don’t understand encryption, and this is a problem

It’s not just counterproductive, it’s also impossible.

Google’s AI just created its own form of encryption

Just two algorithms sending messages to each other – and you can’t peek in.

WWII code found on pigeon still can’t be cracked to this day

In 1982, a local resident of Bletchingley, about 20 miles south of London, found the remains of a pigeon while cleaning his home’s chimney. Among the remains, the man found a red cylinder that contained a single sheet of paper marked with 27 codes, each comprised of 4 to 5 characters, delivered through the famous British Pigeon Service most likely sent from

Truly random numbers might be generated with quantum physics

Does flicking a dice really render a random face? The answer would be no. The dice is governed by large-scale conventional physics and its motion, and thus final position can be determined. You can’t tell where it lands just by looking at it thwirl, of course, but the fact remains it’s not random, and neither is any current computing system