MDMA makes people more cooperative towards trustworthy people — with important implications for psychotherapy

More insight into what makes MDMA so good at connecting people.

Alcohol might lead to postsexual regret more than ecstasy or marijuana

Men experienced sexual dysfunction when consuming alcohol or taking molly, while women had problems when smoking pot.

MDMA is now officially labelled a “breakthrough treatment” for PTSD

Researchers have been suggesting this for decades.

FDA approves final trial before Ecstasy can be prescribed for PTSD

MDMA is no longer ‘just a party drug.’

Norwegian Researchers Are Crowdfunding to Make Psychedelics and MDMA Free for Global Medical Use Share Tweet

As more and more researchers are starting to highlight the potential benefits of Psychedelic substances, one recent Norwegian campaign is aiming high: they’ve started a crowdfunding campaign to make psychedelics and MDMA legal for research and global medical use. In the past years, we’ve written about several studies documenting the positive effects that psychedelics may have, in a controlled environment and

Marijuana is much safer than tobacco and alcohol, study concludes

A new study has concluded that marijuana is much safer than alcohol and tobacco combined. Alcohol is actually the most dangerous substance out of the ones studies – more dangerous than heroin, cocaine, ecstasy or meth.

Stunning pictures of drugs as you’ve never seen them before

Most people have a heart time putting into words what they experience when under the influence of some psychoactive drug – but Sarah Schönfeld decided to make this experience visual. The experiment was meant to transpose the change into another kind of sensory experience, so she put drugs on a photonegative and then enlarged the image. The goal was observing the reaction of

Ecstasy shows more promise in post traumatic stress

There’s already a heating debate about legalizing MDMA (the active substance) in ecstasy, especially since it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the substance can be used in therapeutic purposes – particularly in treating post-traumatic stress. Hundreds of veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq suffering from post-traumatic stress (PTS) are seeking help from a married couple who work in their suburban home

Ecstasy use ‘safe for adults’, B.C. health officials declare

Dr. Perry Kendall, one of B.C.’s leading health officials says taking pure ecstasy, without any other substances, is totally safe for adults – when consumed responsibly. MDMA and street ecstasy MDMA, the pure substance originally synonymous with ecstasy was thought to be responsible for a series of deaths, but according to Dr. Kendall, the life-threatening danger appears only when the

Smart kids more likely to take drugs in adulthood

A new study which capitalized on an extensive ongoing survey, shows that children with high IQs, especially girls, are more likely to indulge in illicit drug use in their 30’s than people with lower IQs. Dr. James White of Cardiff University and his team of researchers used data gathered from the British Cohort Study, an ongoing social experiment first started in

Bad science: injecting meth instead of ecstasy for trials

It never ceases to amaze me how this kind of idiotic, or perhaps even intentionally wrong studies are published and accepted by the world. What am I talking about ? Well, you know those pamphlets and promotional stuff that show your brain with holes in it when you take ecstasy, or that you will get Parkinson and all that ?