UK millennials would happily sow, reap, and eat GMOs — unlike older generations


Scientists use astronomy software to protect endangered creatures from poachers

Drones are hot on the poachers’ hot traces.

The Role of Drones in Climate Change Research

New challenges often require new technology — and the technology is here.

Amazon just completed its first drone delivery. It took 13 minutes

Release the swarm!

Californian start-up designs drone guards to keep an eye out on your stuff

The company says its drones will be available for lease sometime next year.

The Dutch Police will train bald eagles to hunt drones out of the sky

Eagles > Drones.

Rotterdam’s new sharks will eat all the trash in the port’s waters

Not really Jaws but they’ll do the trick.

First U.S. testing of a man-carrying drone planned for later this year in Nevada

Chinese company EHang’s model 184 will be the first human transport drone to ever be tested in the U.S. Keep your fingers crossed, this may solve your commute problems forever.

This isn’t a canon, but a jamming station that ‘freezes’ drones

The battlefield is shifting from trench soldiers to cyberspace and unmanned machines. As always, when a new technology of war is developed, a counter that levels the game isn’t far behind. Business Insider reports three companies in the UK are working on a device that freezes drones in mid-air by flooding them with radio signals across all frequencies, similarly to how cell phone blockers work, or how Cooper in Interstellar captured a drone in his corn fields.

EX-NASA Engineer Wants to Plant one Billion Trees a Year Using Drones

Each year, we cut down 26 billion trees, for lumber, agriculture, mining and development projects. Every year, we plant about 15 billion trees, so that still leaves us with a huge deficit – something which is not sustainable and has to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid further problems down the road. Now, a former NASA engineer has found that drones could play a key part, and he plans to plant up to 1 billion trees a year using them.

Mobile app lets soldiers order an airstrike via their android smartphone

Yeah, I know – for heaven’s sake is there an app  for this too now? It seems so. Draper Laboratory, a not-for-profit research and development lab based in Cambridge, Mass, is currently testing a mobile app that may one day actually see the battlefield and help soldiers order airstrikes simply by using their smartphones. The better communication between the various parties

DARPA wants to store drones at the bottom of the world’s oceans

Along the years DARPA has proposed, tested and implemented a slew of preposterous sounding projects like the Minority Report-like interface  threat detection system, the firefighting robot or the surrogate soldier program that aims at deploying robots that bind to a soldier’s will just like the movie Avatar.  Yes, the agency seems to have a thing for movie inspired projects, but I for

Drones capture amazing climbing sights from the Karakoram mountain range

Spy drones have been used by the US government on a various occasion in Pakistan to gather intelligence from the tribal area bordering Afghanistan, known for its close ties with terrorist organisations. Most recently, however, drones have been used to capture some mind blowing photos of sights otherwise completely inaccessible. The latest venture follows renowned climbers David Lama and Peter Ortner

New Pentagon Tech: sky drones that identify faces

I’d like to divert from a potential discussion which might build around the trillions of dollars spent on defense by the US government or the more or less futile efforts enterprised in the middle east, and stick to the point at hand – spy drones! Yes, scary, paranoia inducing flying unmanned vehicles whose sole purpose is that of collecting intelligence about its