New study maps what the world is drinking

What are you drinking right now?

Cold, dark climates linked to heavy drinking

This explains some things…

Gin makes you sad, spirits make you sexy: Different alcohols have different effects on your mood, study finds

As it turns out, gin *can* make you sad.

How to make vodka, with science!

Chemistry gets an undeserved bad reputation and it all starts in school. Can we nudge people to change their view of what is an undeniably awesome field of science? Is there a way to make chemistry a part of their life that they hold dear? I say yes. The answer is one of its most useful known abilities — that of turning boring old food into booze. And we’re here to tell you how to make vodka — so you can get hammered, all in the comfort of your home. With science!

Drinking guidelines are irrelevant for casual drinkers, scientists claim

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Sheffield found that people ignore drinking guidelines, especially as most of them rarely drink during the week but might party heavily during the weekend or on holiday.

Scientists identify 4 types of drunks – which one are you?

Are you a Hemingway, a Nutty Professor, or a Poppins?? No, that’s not the latest Facebook game (although it’d be really fun to see one implemented), but it’s a classification introduced by researchers at the University of Missouri. Basically, depending on how your personality changes when you start drinking, they’ve defined 4 types: the Hemingways, the Mary Poppins, the Nutty

Captain obvious presents his 5 favorite studies from 2009

It’s been a busy year indeed, especially with the LHC doing it’s thing again, Hubble was repaired and there was a lot of medical research being done, even with more money being invested in advertising than research. However, last year was also remarkable for the… not so remarkable studies, to say the least. In that line, here are the best