Long-necked sauropod made world’s longest dinosaur trackway

The 150-million-year-old dinosaur tracks are excellently preserved.

After the dinosaurs went extinct, mammals crawled out of the dark to take over

The extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs left many empty niches for the mammals’ taking.

T. Rex’s tiny arms weren’t meek after all — new research says they were meant for ‘vicious slashing’

T. Rex’s forearms don’t look that clumsy anymore.

Asteroid impact that wiped out dinosaurs was far worse than previously thought

Earth’s average surface air temperature droppped by as much as a staggering 26 degrees Celsius.

Feathered dinosaur sported bandit mask and striped raccoon-like tail 130 million years ago

It was quite the rascal.

California now has an official dinosaur: the Augustynolophus

Paleontologists hope that this will inspire a new generation

Vegetarian dinosaurs sometimes feasted on crustaceans

The idea of a gentle giant is called into question.

Heavily armored dino might’ve used its plates as status symbols, to attract mates, intimidate rivals

It’s all about passing on your genes.

Dinosaur discovered in Patagonia back in 2012 is the biggest animal to ever walk the Earth

He was probably a gentle giant. Accent on giant.

Dinosaur videos — visualizing the terrifying lizards

Have a seat and grab some popcorn!

Pristine, demon-faced dinosaur is named after Zuul from ‘Ghostbusters’

The dinosaur was given a rather unfair name, as it was almost certainly a peaceful vegetarian.

‘Chewing like a cow’ helped early mammals thrive in the wake of dinosaur extinction

There’s a lot to be grateful for the first mammalian ancestors who evolved side-to-side chewing.

Forget eggs: This terrifying 250-million-year-old dinosaur gave birth to live babies

A remarkable ‘terrible-headed lizard’ fossil found in China shows an embryo inside the mother — a clear evidence that some dinosaurs were giving birth to live babies.

Fossilized protein found in 195-million-year-old dinosaur bone

Finding fossilized remains of dinosaurs is one thing, but now, paleontologists have discovered proteins dating back to 195 million years ago.

Scientists find 80-million-year dinosaur collagen

Utilizing rigorous, state-of-the-art methods researchers have confirmed the presence of collagen in the fossil of an 80-million-year-old Brachylophosaurus.

Construction workers discover fossil of bird-like dinosaurs, one of the last species to appear before the extinction

They named it the Mud Dragon.

Dinosaurs’ rise to power took a lot of time, new study shows

Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for millions of years, but they took it slowly.

Fossil Friday: the first dino brain (we’ve ever found)

We didn’t even think it was possible to find one up to now.

Skin impression of one of the last dinosaurs found in Spain

Some 60 million years ago, one dinosaur laid down to rest — creating something unique in the whole of Europe.

Oldest avian voice box suggests quacking sounds filled the air during the age of dinosaurs

We don’t know how dinosaurs sounded like but I’ll tell you this much: they didn’t honk.