Scientists discover new eagle-nosed, shovel-chinned dinosaur

A weird-looking new duck-billed dinosaur was found in Texas.

Dinosaur fossils are rich in microbes — and this might mean we won’t ever find dino proteins

There goes Jurassic Park!

Scientists find new dinosaur species in glittering opal-encrusted fossils

Dino fossils trapped in gemstones reveal new insights about Cretaceous life.

Fossil Friday: Alcmonavis poeschli, the second-oldest bird we’ve ever found


Bat-winged dinosaur discovered in China — only the second of its kind

This dinosaur was more like a flying squirrel than a bird.

Feathered dinosaurs may have accidentally developed flying — while running

Fake it till you make it.

This is what T. rex probably looked like as a baby


Giant African Titanosaur had a heart-shaped tail

The perfect Valentine’s dinosaur — a massive Titanosaur!

Nanotyrannus and the Skeptical Criteria for Species

A historical example of how classifying a species can sometimes be very confusing.

Newly discovered toothless dinosaur was surprisingly cute

Some scientists say it was more a bird than a dinosaur.

‘Lizard king’, an early dinosaur ancestor, ruled over lush Antarctica more than 250 million years ago

The newly discovered archosaur provides new hints into dinosaur evolution.

Coastal erosion reveals incredibly well-preserved dinosaur footprints in southern England

It’s like Disneyworld for paleontologists.

Giant, mammal-like herbivore roamed alongside Triassic dinosaurs, new fossil reveals

This could change a paleontology book or two.

Fossil Friday: the tiniest, most adorable Tylosaurus skull ever found


Scientists analyzed the composition of dinosaur DNA — and it’s really similar to birds’

Life, uhm, finds a way.

‘Amazing dragon’ fossils in China rewrite the evolution of world’s most massive dinosaurs

A new long-necked dinosaur discovered in China is forcing scientists to rethink sauropod evolution.

Newly-discovered American ankylosaur turns out to be an Asian immigrant

In fact, all ankylosaurs were!

Small arms, tongue-tied: T-Rex couldn’t stick its tongue out

Put that tongue back in, Jurassic Park!

Life bounced back quickly at the famed dinosaur-ending asteroid impact site

We don’t know much about how life bounces back after such a dramatic event.

Incredibly well-preserved fossils show that dinosaurs also had dandruff

Talk about ancient dandruff.