Plastic crystals identified as a solid, safe alternative to our refrigerants

A cool, solid research paper.

Researchers have found a pattern for prime numbers — and it resembles something from nature

We don’t often think about mathematics as being beautiful, but perhaps we should.

This fungus senses gravity using a gene it borrowed from bacteria

Don’t mind me, just borrowing some genes to make gravity-sensing crystals. Sorry, what?

Scientists ‘sew’ atomic lattices seamlessly together

The findings could lead to a new class of electronics like flexible LEDs.

What Can Quartz Crystals Really Do?

Quartz is cherished for its properties, but I’m not talking about magic.

Scientists found lollipop-shaped ice crystals in some clouds

Ice lollipops in clouds sounds just delightful.

Astronauts aboard the ISS will grow crystals for drug development

Space crystals will help us make better drugs on Earth.

Largest database of crystal surfaces and shapes can help researchers design better materials

Crystal lovers rejoice – researchers have created the largest database of elemental crystal surfaces and shapes to date.

Crystallizing books – the spectacular art of Alexis Arnold

We see this too often – loads and loads of discarded books in storage rooms, on the sidewalk, even in our homes. Abandoned books are a much too common sight, and at least to me, a depressing sight. This inspired San Francisco-based artist Alexis Arnold to embark on a fascinating quest to make something beautiful – crystallized books. “The Crystallized Book series

Your favorite drinks – under the microscope

Well, microscopic drinks are not really a thing, aren’t they? Not in the clubs where I go, anyway – we like our drinks large. But just stop a moment and think – how would your cocktail or beer look under a microscope? I’d wager this: it’s not like anything you thought. So, this awesome company called BevShots specializes on microscopic

Crystal-Rich Rock ‘Mojave’ is Next Mars Drill Target

Curiosity is preparing for its second drill on Mars – its eyeing a rock which may have a salty story to tell. The rock may be a former lake bed, from which all the water has evaporated.

New crystal might allow us to breathe Underwater

Researchers from Denmark have synthesized crystalline materials that can bind and store oxygen in high concentrations, releasing them when needed. A single crystal about the size of a sponge can suck all the oxygen from a room. Naturally, there are many potential applications for this type of technology. The most obvious one would be breathing underwater or in outer space. We

This is the oldest known piece of our planet – a 4.4 billion-year-old gem

Using two different dating technique, geologists have come across what they believe to be the oldest piece of Earth discovered thus far. The zircon crystal, found on a sheep ranch in Western Australia , was confirmed to be 4.4 billion years old and offers tantalizing clues and insights on how our planet must have looked like in its infancy. To put things

Uranium Crystals May Lead to Safer Nuclear Fuels

Idaho State University researchers have created uranium crystals by crushing nuclear fuel pellets and heating them in a furnace. This was made with the purpose of studying a single uranium crystal, understanding how heat would flow through it, and ultimately develop safer fuels for nuclear reactors. Uranium crystal. Credit: INL Eric Burgett, a professor at the University of Idaho, has

Salt crystals in soy sauce

We continue today’s series of great pics with a macroscopic image: salt crystals in soy sauce – yummy!

Free-electron X-ray laser reveals protein architecture at unprecedented detail

Curious enough, one hundred years after renowned physicist Max von Lauefirst used X-ray diffraction to unravel the intricate atomic architecture of molecules, a team of international scientists have analyzed tiny protein crystals at an unprecedent scale of resolution, premiering in the process the world’s first hard X-ray free-electron laser. Called the Linac Coherent Light Source at Stanford, the X-ray laser was made possible after

The star-diamond

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are! Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky! Well maybe the title is a bit far fetched, but I’m really stoked to find out about such a thing; the star in case, BPM 37093 is a variable white dwarf star that consists entirely of crystallized carbon,

Mineral Kingdom Co-evolved With Life

Evolution isn’t just for living organisms, as scientists the Carnegie Institution found. They found that more than 3000 of the 4000+ minerals that exist can be linked more or less directly to biological life. This finding could have a crucial importance for scientists that are searching for life on other planets. Robert Hazen and Dominic Papineau of the Carnegie Institution’s