Environmentalists plead Japanese and French banks to stop financing coal-fired plants in Indonesia

A story of broken promises and land grabbing.

Australia lobbies coal mine at climate talks

Bad Australia, bad!

China to Trump: We didn’t invent global warming

China is schooling the US on climate change. What a time to be alive.

Science can’t afford to be slowed down by unrealistic standards while politics runs around the house naked

“We are not on the right track and we need to deal with that.”

The Canadian government’s double standards: acting on climate but seeking to export more fossil fuels

It seems unbelievable, but this cabinet pretends these new oil and gas exports will become someone else’s problem.

US businesses urge Trump to support climate deal

Over 360 multinationals and investing groups have published an open letter to president-elect Donald Trump.

John Kerry: “Above all, consult the scientists”

A heartfelt plea, sometimes said with a breaking voice.

Fighting climate change with inner change: a case for heightened spiritual awareness

How one organization is proposing solving climate change by looking inwards, not outwards for solutions.

Will geoengineering save us from climate change? Not if we don’t care enough to research it, COP22 panel says

We could cool down the planet starting tomorrow if we wanted to, but we don’t know what would happen next.

Former French president Sarkozy says Europe should impose carbon tax on US if Trump pulls out of Paris Pact

We need leaders that address global issues.

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Here’s how Donald Trump might bring the U.S. back to the climate ‘dark ages’

President Trump could be a disaster for the climate.

WMO’s “Global Climate in 2011-2015” report published, proves we need to act now

Hot, droughty, floody, deadly.

The ZME Diaries: #COP22, Day 1 – Our Thoughts and Impressions

Our own opinions and impressions about how this crucial summit is going, somewhat like a travel diary.

Oil & gas lobby shouldn’t have a full seat at the climate table

The wolves, dining with the sheep.

World leaders convene for COP22 in Marrakech to turn promises into action

All eyes are on Marrakesh for the next two weeks as the most important climate event of the year unfolds.