The world decreased coal energy usage for the first time since the Industrial Revolution

Every year, the world used to add more coal-fired power plants. Not anymore!

The UK had a coal-free week — the first time since 1882

This is the country’s first coal-free week since the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

For the first time, renewable energy generated more electricity than coal in the United States

The dawn of a new era!

New process could capture CO2 and make it coal again

“Poetic justice” comes to mind.

Black lung disease makes resurgence among US coal miners

Coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP), commonly called black lung disease, is caused by long exposure to coal dust and can have devastating consequences.

Chile to start phase-out of coal

Chile is the latest country to announce a coal phase-out.

France will shut down its coal plants by 2021, two years earlier than initially planned

Say ‘non’ to coal!

At climate talks, Canada steps up while the US steps down

There’s no such thing as clean coal.

Trump negotiators brand coal as the solution for the climate crisis at UN conference

It would be funny if it wouldn’t be sad.

Netherlands announces plans to phase out coal plants by 2030, puts coal’s future in Europe at doubt

More like Nether-nocoalburninghere-lands.

Coal formation sucked so much CO2 out of the atmosphere that Earth nearly froze over 300 million years ago

“It is quite an irony that forming the coal that today is a major factor for dangerous global warming once almost lead to global glaciation,” the author said.

Nobody is going to make coal great again, says Bloomberg New Energy Finance founder

Sorry, bro.

“Clean coal is a lie,” coal CEO admits

It’s not news that clean coal doesn’t exist — the news is that execs are admitting it.

Chinese company offers free training for US coal miners to become wind farmers

It’s the disproval of every Trump narrative around renewable energy.

Britain powered itself for a day without coal — the first time since the industrial revolution

It’s an important milestone, but there’s still a long way to go.

German coal mine will be converted into a huge hydro battery for renewable energy

The old making way for the new.

Beijing shuts down its last coal power plant, replaces with natural gas

A step in the right direction.

Even ‘dirty’ energy companies don’t want new coal-fired plants in Australia. Not even for free cash

Everyone with sense except Australia’s Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, realizes coal is done for.

Europe has to shut down all of its coal-fired plants by 2030 to meet its Paris Agreement pledge

Seriously ambitious action is needed if we’re to avert 1.5 C of global warming.

Renewables just surpassed coal as the largest source of new electricity

It’s been a long and crazy ride, but coal’s time seems to be finally fading away.