Lab-grown dairy hints at the future of food

Technology is driving the industry toward providing alternatives to conventionally produced food products.

Scientists played music to aging cheese to change its taste. Hip-hop worked the best

It’s a cheesy topic, but the results were tasty. I mean, interesting.

Novel approach to identifying flavor molecules poised to make fermented goods even more delicious

Taste trumps all!

Dairy has been greatly underestimated and is an “excellent” protein source for children, study finds

Pass me that milk!

Eating a lot of cheese doesn’t raise your cholesterol and is associated with lower body mass index

Cheese eaters, rejoice!

What Wikipedia can’t tell you about making cheese

DIY for the holidays!

340-Year-Old Cheese Recovered From Shipwreck: ‘We think it’s cheese’

It’s perhaps the stinkiest cheese in the world right now, after molding at the bottom of a shipwreck for centuries.

This is how one French power plant produces electricity using cheese

The town of Albertville in southeastern France has begun using cheese to generate electricity. Their power plant, build in the Savoie region, uses the byproduct of the local Beaufort cheeses as the base for its biogas power generation system.

Is Dairy Addiction Real? Here’s what science says

Dairy Addiction is one idea toted not only as a notion, but as a fact by a significant number of vegans, especially ones that do not link to any reliable source (if any at all) to provide any evidence to the conclusion they have reached. So I decided that I will take it upon myself to find out whether or

Now you know why Swiss cheese has holes (it’s not the mice)

A team at Agroscope, a Swiss agricultural research center, reports what lends the Swiss cheese its uncanny hole-ridden appearance: tiny pieces of hay that find their way into the milk.