Legal recreational marijuana wreaks havoc on illegal markets, study finds

Drug users seem not to like drug dealers that much — not if they have an alternative, anyway.

Cannabis makes exercise more enjoyable and may aid recovery

Marijuana might counter-intuitively actually motivate people to exercise more.

Cannabis legalization increases traffic fatalities — but mostly in neighboring, un-legalized states

It’s probably because of all the people driving interstate to get high, then driving back already high, the researchers believe.

Just a little bit of cannabis is enough to change the teen brain

Just one joint smoked before age 14 could increase gray matter volume in the brain.

Scientists pinpoint CBD dose for safe pain and anxiety relief without the cannabis high

More and more people are using CBD oils to manage their pain and anxiety.

Exposure to cannabis leads to cognitive changes in the offspring of rats

The findings are still preliminary, but they do suggest that mothers should abstain a bit before and during pregnancy.

Cannabis oil improves Crohn’s disease symptoms

Surprisingly, the effect doesn’t seem to be related to cannabis’ anti-inflammatory properties.

One in ten heavy cannabis users who quit experience withdrawal symptoms

There’s such a thing as cannabis withdrawal syndrome, and it’s symptoms have been associated with a variety of psychiatric disorders.

Interview with Bluebird Director of Science Lex Pelger on CBD

A cannabis expert shares what he knows about the science of CBD.

Cannabis does reduce intestinal inflammation, and now we know why

Researchers hope the findings lead to a new class of drugs to help treat bowel diseases.

Regular cannabis use may impair the ability to envision one’s personal future

Getting high frequently may make it difficult to imagine a personal future.

The Science and Sourcing Behind CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the dozens of cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant.

Cannabis makes the brain ‘noisy’ when it’s at rest

It’s almost like the brain is ‘wired’ all the time while high on cannabis.

Most oncologists recommend medical marijuana, although they admit they’re not informed enough

The gap is important to bridge.

Mysterious vomiting condition tied to marijuana can be relieved by hot showers, doctors say

This is a serious condition that has sent many to the ER multiple times.

Marijuana legalization helps decrease opioid consumption, research shows

In states where both recreational and medical marijuana was legalized, opioid prescriptions dropped about 14%.

Marijuna is nowhere near as dangerous to the brain as alcohol

Marijuana does not reduce the size of gray matter or white matter, unlike alcohol.

Plot twist: Cannabis component might actually help fight addiction, study concludes

A preclinical study using rats shows that Cannabidiol can reduce the risk of relapse.

The health risks of second-hand marijuana smoke shouldn’t be ignored

Marijuana smoke is still smoke — and it might clog arteries just as bad as tobacco.

What’s the surprising connection between cannabis and coffee?

Both substances target cannabinoids.