Want to enjoy popcorn more? Try eating it with chopsticks

Also, here’s why I’m drinking water out of a jar.

One genetic change 3 million years ago made our brains big — and won us the world

I’m not complaining.

Why do humans have such big brains?

The results of a new study are quite surprising.

Never skip leg day: study finds hind leg inactivity causes neurological problems in mice

Physical exercise is critical to brain health.

Bioengineered gel heals the brains of stroke-injured mice, paves way for human treatment

Think they’ll call it Stroke-b-gone?

What makes things cute?

It’s obviously kittens. Just stick kittens to everything.

Overeager immune system cells may be to blame for multiple sclerosis

Fortunately, they’re hot on the heels of the mechanisms that allow them to affect brain cells.

How different stages of sleep work together for creative problem solving

Even the toughest problems cand find a solution in our sleep.

Growing up in poverty affects the structure of the brain — even in adult life

The correlation stood even for people well above the poverty line.

Scientists play classical music to fancy crocodiles, then scan their brains

These have got to be the most cultured crocs.

Just a single chocolate bar may boost memory, cognition, immunity, and mood

Chocolate — good for the tummy, good for the brain.

Scientists reverse damage by key gene involved in Alzheimer’s Disease

The results astonishingly suggest that Alzheimer’s effects on the brain could be reversed.

Humans as old as 79 still generate new neurons, stirring new debate

The results are encouraging given an aging population around the world.

Scientists reprogram brain cells that store memories about places

German researchers reprogramed brain cells to investigate how place memories are formed.

‘Self-aware’, predatory, digital slug mimics the behavior of the animal it was modeled on

Printing brains on PC circuits seems to be all the rage nowadays.

Death creeps through the brain as a “spreading wave” of silence and inactivity

In a dark way, these findings are quite soothing.

Stress ruins memory, but you can outrun this effect

Stress and memory don’t mix very well.

Study shows what happens in the brain when you bungee jump — and what this means for free will

A story of bungee jumping, electrical currents, and free will.

Researchers pinpoint the brain’s anxiety centers

Anxiety is useful, to an extent, but sometimes it can overflow, with devastating consequences.

Our brains resemble those of our friends, new research shows

Friends think alike.