The brain rewards new information like it does food, money, or drugs

A new study explains our tendency to overconsume digital information whether its social media or clickbait.

Scientists present device that transforms brain activity into speech

This could be transformative for so many people suffering from speech impairment.

Taking short breaks to reinforce memories is key to learning new skills or re-learning old ones

The secret to success is to take a short break, often.

The hippocampus is the curator of our memories, new study suggests

The brain has an auto-complete feature for your memories. The hippocampus handles it.

New research sheds light into how our brains handle metaphors

Whether you break an egg or break into dance, our brain handles the word “break” the same.

Heavy drinking may stunt brain growth

There are many good reasons underage people shouldn’t drink — a poor developing brain is one of them.

A new study estimates English only takes about 1.5 megabytes of your brainspace

That’s about the same size as…. 3 high-resolution memes or one-tenth of a second of video in 1080p.

Time flies as we age because our brains get bigger and less efficient, a new paper proposes

‘Clock time’ is not the same as ‘mind time’.

Paying attention shuts down ‘brain noise’ that isn’t related to what we’re looking for

You can miss the forest for the trees, or the trees for the forest.

Scientists grew a ‘mini brain’ in a dish that can make muscles twitch

The brain organoid was connected to a tiny spinal cord with surrounding muscle tissue.

Breast milk given intranasally could benefit preemies with severe brain injuries

Additional breast milk could protect premature babies with brain injuries.

New neurofeedback system helps people manage arousal and maintain peak performance

Begone, stress!

DNA study shows Placebo (and Nocebo) can affect your body at a molecular level

We should pay great attention to the mindset we place ourselves in. It could very well change our life for the better — or for the worse.

Infants as young as six months old can sense mother’s angry tone

Infants are much more sensitive to emotional content than we thought.

Activating one gene in the brains of male mice helps reverse depression

Sorry ladies.

Unexpected notes make music more enjoyable

Surprise is the spice of life.

Genetics may be more important for perfect pitch than musical training

Mozart’s talent for spotting a tone without a reference may be more influenced by genetics than previously thought.

Women’s brains look years younger than those of men

The findings may explain why women live longer and stay more mentally sharp at old age than men.

The worst of multiple sclerosis can be avoided or delayed with early treatment

The study is the first to provide evidence that currently-available treatments can delay the progress of MS.

Your brain pays more attention to objects it knows are small — no matter how large they seem

Want more attention? Science says, be smaller.