Lack of sleep makes your brain start eating itself

Yikes! I’m off to bed.

Neuron cluster which can override sleep identified in the fruit fly brain

95% of students like this bundle of neurons.

Biology imparts us with instinctive color categories — culture only shapes them

Color is hardwired into the brain.

Depressed? It might be because your neurons got their branches tangled up

Keep it tidy, neurons.

Preventing clinical anxiety may come down to physical differences in brain lobes

It’s all in the brain.

Trying to stay motivated? Shift your strategy from ‘do better’ to ‘avoid worse’ mid-game

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Eating fruit may have given primates their big brains, paving the way for social structures

Chow down.

Organized information may be creativity’s death knell, study found

Sometimes, we need a little chaos to get the cogs turning.

Contagious scratching may be hardwired into the brain

Sometimes you just gotta scratch, man.

Fungus-derived molecule enables axon regrowth — potentially treating brain and spinal chord injuries

Broken axons are like a broken router — no connection.

Microglia activity makes morphine less effective as a painkiller for women


Inside the minds of real-life zombies — people who think they have a dead brain inside a living body

Cotard’s syndrome makes people believe they’re dead and that they do not require any food, water, or even hygiene to function.

Mega-analysis proves ADHD is a real disorder caused by differences in brain structure

It’s not an excuse, it’s a real disorder.

Artificial synapse brings us one step closer to brain-like computers

It’s also bio-compatible — are our brains getting an update?

Bio-compatible wireless sensors developed to monitor brain injury

When no longer needed the devices can be deactivated to dissolve and be reabsorbed into soft tissue.

Your brain tricks you into seeing difficult goals as less appealing

Thanks brain…

Deadly, mysterious child disease in India caused by skipping meals and lychee, study finds

Don’t skip on meals!

Just half an hour of moderate aerobic exercise can do wonders for the brain

A new study suggests a moderate workout improves neuroplasticity.

During REM sleep, memory is consolidated by weeding out unwanted neural connections

Sleep is very important for the brain. Here’s what happens during the most active phase of sleep.

Why it doesn’t get dark when we blink

Blinking is strange, at least in one regard.