Your brain pays more attention to objects it knows are small — no matter how large they seem

Want more attention? Science says, be smaller.

Bees use a small number of neurons to count, and they’re one of the best counters we know

They’re so cute and fuzzy, too <3.

Scientists reverse leading cause of late-onset Alzheimer’s, opening door for vaccine that prevents the disease

This could lead to a game-changing therapy.

Research identifies a gene that makes our brains (and those of primates) unique

Smarts, we got’em!

Progress in meningitis lags behind other preventable diseases

The global disease burden of meningitis remains unacceptably high.

What happens to the brain in zero gravity? Well, it’s not pleasant

The human brain copes poorly with microgravity — and that’s a big problem for space flight.

Scientists find new brain region that may be unique to humans

Finding a new region of the brain in this day and age is every neuroscientist’s dream come true.

Why do people self-harm? New study offers surprising answers

Definitely an unexpected finding.

Researchers call for ban on a widely-used pesticide: it impairs brain development


Scientists find brain signal associated with depression and anxiety

Zooming in on the secrets of the brain.

All two-year-olds seem to sound pretty much the same to adults

“What I’d like to say to parents is that with exposure it does get easier over time,” says one of the paper’s authors.

Your left hemisphere can veto the right one into submission — but they generally play nice

We now know more about how the brain’s hemispheres sync up.

Exposure to cannabis leads to cognitive changes in the offspring of rats

The findings are still preliminary, but they do suggest that mothers should abstain a bit before and during pregnancy.

Teen cannabis users who abstain for a month can learn better

Cannabis affects memory functions in teens. The good news is that the effects can be reversed fast with abstinence.

The cerebellum is much more ‘brainy’ than we thought

The ‘little brain’ is not just involved in muscle coordination — it also coordinates cognition and emotions.

Breastmilk protects infants from antibiotic-resistant bacteria and improves preemies’ brain development

An aggressive campaign of producers of baby formula has led to a decrease in breastfeeding rates.

The brain replays memories as you sleep to make sure you don’t lose them

This is something worth remembering.
So, maybe, sleep on it a bit?

Dopamine is the key allowing our brains to change beliefs — short-term ones, at least

Don’t forget to post some dopamine with that sarcastic comment — it will work much better.

Naps help us process information we subconsciously acquire during the day

More reasons to sleep!

Our brains don’t like having too many options to pick from because they’re lazy

Never change, brain.