Parasitic beetles trick sex-hungry bees by mimicking their pheromones

This master of deception adapts its pheromones to the local bee species, and it’s deadly effective!

Scientists invent ultra-white coating inspired by beetle scales

It’s 20 times whiter than paper.

Without tree husks to house them, Europe’s beetles are dying out

Sometimes not tidying up can be a good thing.

Dung beetle uses poop ball cargo as air conditioning

The dung beetle is an extreme survivor. Not only does it feed on poop, but it also fashions a hefty ball out of it, up to 50 times its own mass, that it rolls through the scorching desert. We’re talking 60 degrees Celsius here. A new study that has closely followed this truly remarkable creature has found that the dung

Beetle species could be listed as threatened

It’s not only tigers, corals and other known and liked animals that are close to extinction: beetles have it rough too. In what is now a desperate effort to save the declining number of one beetle species, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service has issued a proposal on Tuesday suggesting that the Coral Pink Sand Dunes tiger beetle should

Papuan weevils have screw-in legs

Long before humans were even thinking about developing the nut and bolt mechanism for screwing one thing to another, mother nature had it all planned and implemented, in this weevil from Papua which attaches their legs to their bodies instead of the old fashion ball-and-socket joint. Weevils in Papua Weevils are beetles from the Curculionoidea superfamily, a large and extended