Rare photos of the Moon, as the Apollo astronauts witnessed it

Truly one of mankind’s great successes.

Apollo 11 astronauts made graffiti on the walls of their spaceship

While 3-D scanning the Columbia command module used by the Apollo 11 astronauts to splash down back on Earth, researchers found some amazing artifacts: graffiti markings.

42 years ago today, Apollo 17 lifted off from the moon. Human beings haven’t travelled beyond low Earth orbit ever since

It’s a glorious reminder, but a sad day as well. It’s been 42 years since humans have been on the moon… or anywhere else beyond low orbit for that matter. Apollo 17 was the final mission of the United States’ Apollo lunar landing program, and was the sixth and last landing of humans on the Moon. It left the Moon

Apollo 11 rocket engines may have been recovered from Atlantic Ocean floor

Jeff Bezos is an extraordinary individual whom I admire very much, not because of its almost ubiquitous success in every attempt he has endeavored, but rather because Bezos, much like SpaceX‘s Elon Musk, is a man of vision – a man that recognizes value both in man and nature, and strives for progress. The Amazon founder, like all great visionaries, is

Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the Moon, dies

Neil Armstrong: 1930-2012. This is not something I wanted to write down – and I feel extremely sad and awkward doing it. The man who took the first step on the Moon died due to a heart condition. The American hero, 82 years old, who never dwelled on his success, and never tried to milk his fame for any reasons

Most detailed photo of the Apollo 11 lunar landing site released [visible astronaut footprints]

July 20th, 1969 marked the day man first set foot on the moon, as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin gracefully stepped out of their lunar lander and made history. A recent photo snapped by NASA‘s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured the most detailed view of the monumental landing site – it even shows remnants of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s first

Equipment and tracks left behind by the Apollo missions visible in new Moon pictures

These new pictures revealed by NASA reveal fascinating evidence that humans were there; even though they don’t offer detail quality pictures, they offer more detail than any other pictures taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which is now circling the moon. As it orbited the satellite and flew over landing sites of the Apollo 12, 14 and 17 missions, the

Short fact: the first man to pee on the moon, Buzz Aldrin

There were a lot of firsts during the initial lunar landings, especially during the very first Apollo 11 mission. There was, of course, the obvious first famous moon walk by Neil Armstrong, the first country to land on the moon, the first word spoken from the moon, and so on. A new genesis of gestures and representations of life in

LK Lander: The Soviet Moon Landing Program [PHOTOS]

One of the most intense Cold War fronts, and probably the only one to actually provide mankind a monumental legacy, was the so called space race. Each of the behemoth nations battled each other for space supremacy for decades raising hopes for millions of people as to someday the stars may belong to man and spending billions of dollars/rubles. In

New footage of Moon Landing found

A long lost footage of the best minutes of the moon landing (Neil Armstrong going down the ladder) has been found in Australian archives and will be released next week in Sidney. Wait, What ?! How do you lose footage of the Moon landing ? Just like that, according to Australian archivists. The film was lost for decades and when