The unlikeliest catch: sea creatures found trapped in amber

Talk about a stunning find!

Fossil Friday: earliest known millipede found in piece of Burmese amber

It’s nearly 100 million years old.

First-ever baby snake fossil discovered beautifully encased in amber

Poor baby snake!

A 99-million-year-old amber fossil preserved the earliest frog from tropical forests

Very rare insight into the ancient lives of frogs.

Ancient amber reveals that ticks dined on feathered dinosaurs, too

No respite from the bite.

Baby bird trapped in stunning pristine condition inside 100-million-year-old amber

An extremely rare find.

Insect courtship behavior trapped in 100-million-year-old amber

It’s Romeo and Juliet on steroids, with geology.

Amber reveals ancient insect that was literally scared out of its skin

After leaving its exoskeleton behind, the insect narrowly avoided amber entombment.

Fossil Friday: Diptera brachycera in amber

Diptera are still alive and kickin’ today, and some of them are getting coated in amber as we speak! A nice reminder that fossils are still being formed for future paleontologists to uncover.

30 million year-old plants found in amber [awesome pics]

We’ve seen unfortunate insects trapped in amber time and time again, but this time it’s something else. This time, a new species of ancient flower was found preserved in amber. The fossil species are a representative of the asterids, one of the most diverse groups that also include sunflower, coffee, potatoes and mint. Amber is fossilized tree resin (not sap),

Flea trapped in amber for 20 million years might hold earliest evidence of bubonic plague

Paleontologists believe they have found the oldest evidence of the bubonic plague, embedded in a flea trapped in amber for the past 20 million years. This could provide insight onto how this devastating disease appeared and evolved.

Scientists find Salamander in Amber in the Caribbean

Finding insects, plants or even dinosaur feathers trapped in amber s rare and exciting. But finding a fossil salamander in amber… that’s something else – it’s actually unique. But the salamander’s unfortunate fate sparked immediate interest from researchers: not only is it a unique finding, but it’s from a never-before seen species of salamander, and it comes from the Caribbean

Predatory cockroach found in 100 million year old amber

Geologists have found a praying-mantis-like cockroach that lived at the side by side with the dinosaurs, 100 million years ago, during the mid Cretaceous. The insect was preserved in amber. Peter Vršanský from the Geological Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia, and Günter Bechly from the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart found the insect at a mine in Noije Bum, Myanmar. The specimen

Dinosaurs lived in low-oxygen world, amber shows

An international team of researchers led by Ralf Tappert, from the University of Innsbruck, reconstructed the composition of Earth’s atmosphere of the last 220 million years by analyzing modern and fossil plant resins. Their results indicate that atmospheric oxygen was considerably lower in Earth’s geological past than previously assumed – providing valuable information about current climate models, and questioning some

First fossilized mosquito is still full of blood

Finding mosquitoes trapped in amber is truly exciting, but it’s not really unique – there have been several reported cases all around the world, and some people are even selling such samples (which I don’t think is a good thing, but that’s another discussion). But finding a fossilized mosquito in sediment… now that’s unique! It took a series of highly

16 million year old springtail hitchhiked on the wings of mayflies

We may associate hitchhiking with older times, but 16 million years ago? That sounds like a far way back. Researchers from the University of Manchester have found evidence of springtail hiking on the wings of mayflies; using an incredible composition of scans that resulted in a 3D image, scientists have actually caught them in the act. The hitchhiker’s guide to