Acting out: mathematical model predicts the future of actors’ careers

Being an actor isn’t easy — at least for 90% of those trying to make it.

Researchers use machine learning algorithm to detect low blood pressure during surgery

Technology enters the surgery room.

NASA algorithm and citizen scientists allow biologists to track whale sharks

The research could help us better understand and protect these gentle giants.

New algorithm turns low-resolution photos into detailed images — CSI style

Zoom in on that license plate. Yes, I see it clearly now…

Teaching smart cars how humans move could help make them safer and better

The hips don’t lie.

A computer algorithm designed Hamburg’s new concert hall and it’s simply amazing

When art and technology work together.

Google’s AI just created its own form of encryption

Just two algorithms sending messages to each other – and you can’t peek in.

Algorithm finally cuts any cake in equal, envy-free slices

Because cutting cake has to be perfect.

The new Rembrandt: Computer creates new “Rembrandt painting”

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn is one of the most talented and famous artists in human history. It’s been almost four centuries since he created his unique masterpieces. Now, a team of artists, researchers and programmers wanted to see if they can create a new Rembrandt painting – through a computer algorithm.

‘Data Smashing’ algorithm might help declutter Big Data noise without Human Intervention

There’s an immense well of information humanity is currently sitting on and it’s only growing exponentially. To make sense of all the noise, whether we’re talking about apps like speech recognition, cosmic body identification or search engine results, highly complex algorithms that use less processing power by hitting the bull’s eye or as close as possible are warranted. In the

Algorithm predicts the Price of Bitcoin – Developers Double Their Investment in 50 Days

A team at MIT has developed a prediction algorithm that allows them to determine when the price of the infamous volatile cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, will drop or rise. Using this method, the researchers managed to double their initial investment in 50 days, all through an automated process that involved more than 2,800 transactions. Money forecast Since the last year or so, Bitcoin

This author edits 10,000 Wikipedia entries a day

Sverker Johansson could encompass the definition of prolific. The 53-year-old Swede has edited so far 2.7 million articles on Wikipedia, or 8.5% of the entire collection. But there’s a catch – he did this with the help of a bot he wrote. Wait, you thought all Wikipedia articles are written by humans? A good day’s work “Lsjbot”, Johansson’s prolific bot, writes