For some reason, many people believed the current flu vaccine will be effective against this swine flu that’s already expanding and very difficult to control. Still, even some researchers claimed that it will be at least somewhat effective. Guess what – it won’t. Or at least the vast majority of scientists claim it won’t.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly claimed the flu vaccine has nothing to do with the swine flu. However, on the other side, Robert Webster, a “flu guru” says the following: “If I hadn’t already had the vaccine, I’d take it”.CDC researchers took ferrets never infected with an influenza virus and injected them with this year’s vaccine and they found out it offered absolutely no protection.

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Actually, the worst thing here is the fact that they don’t have a lot of information; as a result, many respectable medical researchers prefer to stay quiet and focus their energy on other approaches to the whole situation (which seems to be quite a good idea, if you ask me; instead of debating if a current vaccine is good or not, let’s get one that works 100% or close to 100%, and find out how well the other one works after that, because it’s obvious that if the current flu vaccine is does any good, it only works in a small fractions of cases).

However, to stay on topic, “There’s a likelihood that there’s at least partial protection”, according to Julio Frenk, the dean of the Harvard School of Public Health and the former secretary of health in Mexico, so we could guess he knows the situation in Mexico pretty well