This heroin vaccine might solve part of our growing opioid addiction problems

It works by blocking the drug’s ‘high’ which could lead to breaking the cycle of addiction.

UN declares Somalia polio-free

Soon, we might truly eradicate polio.

The United States slides towards measles epidemics (again) because people don’t vaccinate

Non-medical exemptions and widespread misinformation are to blame.

For the first time, a vaccine for gonorrhea proves effective

Bacterial strains that cause gonorrhea have become resistant to antibiotics.

France to make vaccination mandatory from 2018: ‘unacceptable children are still dying of measles’

The move has been backed by the nation’s leading doctors.

1962 vaccine breakthrough prevented 4.5 billion cases of polio, measles, rabies, hepatitis A, and many others

This man and his colleagues saved millions of lives. But you’ve probably never heard of him.

Five HIV patients are now virus-free thanks to a new vaccine therapy — but success rate is low

The new therapy gives the body new tools to weed out the HIV virus without any other drugs — one man has been HIV-free for 7 months.

New method could produce polio vaccines without the need for a live virus

The risk for a potential biohazard would be seriously reduced.

Common cold vaccine patented in the EU

Seems like our bodies were fighting the disease the wrong way all along.

Revolutionary HIV vaccine to be tested on 600 people next year

We may be zooming in on a vaccine.

Doctors Without Borders just refused a 1-million-vaccine donation from Pfizer, and this is probably a good thing

Doctors Without Borders has a strong message for giant pharma company Pfizer.

An antibody that clears Alzheimer’s patients’ brains of plaque could be the treatment we’ve been waiting for

Clean brain, clean memories.

After a decade, vaccine halves cervical cancer rate

Ten years ago, the first cervical cancer vaccine was administered in Australia.

First human trials for a Zika vaccine to begin shortly

Things are rough with Zika nowadays, but scientists are now finally testing a vaccine.

Scientists move closer to world’s first Alzheimer’s disease vaccine

Human trials for the vaccine formulation will begin after the current pre-clinical studies are completed.

WHO endorses first Dengue Fever vaccine

The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially endorsed the world’s first Dengue fever vaccine, a disease that infects 390 million people each year.

Read Roald Dahl’s powerful letter to parents about vaccination from 1988

People love Roald Dahl’s creations (such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda) for their creativity and sense of humor, but Dahl had his own share of tragedy.

Vaccine against HPV proves its worth, so why don’t Americans use it?

A new study confirms the the effectiveness of a HPV vaccine introduced almost a decade ago in the US; the virus’ prevalence in teenage girls is down by almost two thirds. Even for women in their early 20s, the group with the lowest vaccination rates, infections have been reduced by more than a third.

For every dollar spent, vaccines offer a return of 44$

Vaccines are arguably one of the most impactful medical developments ever. According to the CDC, vaccines given to infants and young children over the past two decades will prevent 322 million illnesses, 21 million hospitalizations and 732,000 deaths over the course of their lifetimes. If that’s not impressive, a group of researchers put this into another perspective that almost all people seem to appreciate: money. Their findings suggest that though it costs a lot to research new vaccines, manufacture and implement them, the return of investment is absolutely stunning. Pharmaceutical companies make a nice profit, but the bulk goes to society.

Dengue vaccine approved for use in Mexico, Brazil and Philippines

Scientific American recently reported that the three countries most affected by dengue fever have approved the use of the first vaccine against this affliction. Officials from Mexico, Philippines and Brazil hope that this will curb the nearly 400 million new infections each year, 22,000 of which result in death.