New method preserves vaccines without refrigeration

Vaccines stored in thin sheets of sugar survived for months exposed to temperatures of 40°C.

Therapeutic vaccine shows promise of treatment against HPV infections that lead to cancer

A new vaccine might one-day replace surgery for cervical cancer.

World’s first malaria vaccine launched in a pilot program

Malaria still kills thousands of children in Africa each year — but a vaccine might change all that.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine launches website about vaccine facts

“Our work has validated that the science is clear—vaccines are extremely safe,”

Italy: No vaccine, no school

The law was viciously attacked by populist politicians, but finally came into effect today.

Facebook to start limiting the spread of vaccine misinformation

These are still baby steps, but they’re baby steps in the right direction.

Cervical cancer could be a thing of the past by 2100

The challenge is greater in the world’s poorest countries.

Australia says ‘bye bye’ to rubella. Cervical cancer is next

Vaccines work, definitely!

Researchers want to vaccinate bees so we don’t run out of food

I can’t BEElive this!

More evidence showing that flu vaccination lowers risk of death in heart failure patients

Flu vaccines also offer protection against heart failure.

Worldwide measles cases jump by 31% fueled by Venezuelan outbreak

In other places, such as Europe, measles is resurfacing because parents are refusing to vaccinate their children.

Promising new vaccine technology might finally end HIV-AIDS

Get lost, deadly virus.

Llama antibodies could be key to universal flu vaccine

The South American cameloid has antibodies that offer protection against most influenza strains.

Russian trolls are spreading disinformation about vaccines

This is extremely concerning, especially since measles has claimed 37 lives this year alone — which would just not happen if people would get vaccines.

More evidence showing pertussis vaccination for pregnant women is safe and effective

Pregnant women can be reassured there is no risk of autism to their babies due to Tdap vaccine.

The UK’s HPV-vaccine effort paid off: infections are down 86%

Good news from the UK!

Lyme Disease vaccine set to become available soon, as first trials successfully passed

Good news, everyone!

International health coalition pledges up to $25 million for Nipah vaccine

Nipah has been claiming a lot of lives this week. The world is trying to make sure it won’t claim more.

In Romania, distrust of vaccines claims children’s lives

Romania has a lesson for the entire world.

A single injection protects monkey from HIV infections

It’s not exactly a vaccine, but it’s the next best thing.