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Ah, Playa del Amor – the beach of love! Such a sweet, classic name for such a weird, hidden beach! Located several meters inland on one of the Marieta Islands, the Hidden Beach is one of those unique natural wonders you just don’t want to miss.

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But as our Facebook fans know, I asked you how you think it was formed? Was it a volcanic crash, a sinkhole, differential erosion? Some said it was aliens, or Oprah using her secret magic powers – which we all know she has.

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The thing is, while Marieta Islands archipelago, located off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has formed due to volcanic activity, Playa del Amor is strictly a result of human activity – a bomb, to be more precise. Despite environmentalist protests, the Mexican government has used the archipelago as target practice for bombs during WWI, and one of them created what we see today.

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However, after decades of research and study, a team led by Jacques Cousteau managed to convince Mexican authorities to declare the Marietas a national park – protected not only from bombings, but also hunting, fishing, and other activities with a negative impact.

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